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    Talking Crab and the Pipeline

    Check this out. It's footage from 6,000 feet below the surface, of an undersea robot sawing a 3mm (1/10th of an inch) wide slit in an underwater pipe. Like the site says, the pressure inside the pipe is 0 PSI, while the pressure outside is 2,700 PSI. Also known as 1.3 tons per square inch. And then, a crab walks by. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me. You'll need to be able to view windows media player files.

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    That was awsome! Its like watching Alien Resurrection.
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    Whoa !!! I feel sorry for the poor crab.

    RIP Crabby

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    THat reminds me of a scene from JASON X and from WISHMASTER!!!!!!!
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    Boy you don't see that everyday. 2700psi!!!! That's mindblowing.
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    When I make my millions I'll have a toilet installed that does that.
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    Holy monkey!!! That was insane!!! I suspect fowl play was involved though. Those people from Red Lobster!!

    That was awesome though. I'm going to have nightmares for a month!
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    So that's how they make crab juice.

    Mmmm, freshly sqeezed crab juice.
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    Originally posted by 12inch Lando
    When I make my millions I'll have a toilet installed that does that.
    You'd better get off it first.


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