It's out! The Clone Wars have begun!

Aayla Secura fights her way through a gang of underground mercenaries to reach her former master, Quinlan Vos, who with the help of a new girlfriend (?) has discovered the Separatists' plan to attack Kamino and rid them of their ability to make clones!

But the information appears to be a trap laid out to bait the Jedi by none other than Darth Tyranus and Darth Sidious, who together make an appearance to plot the downfall of the Jedi!

Expect a Chadra-Fan, a mysterious Falleen (not Prince Xizor supposedly, though a distinct possibility) and even a Dianoga!

Not to mention there's a sexy little red-light district worker who's more than an accomplished pick-pocket who's now working for the Jedi!

This episode is action packed and leads up to next months SUPER ISSUE, "The Attack on Kamino!" which may permanently disable the Republic's ability to manufacture clones from Jango Fett's legacy!

Jan Duursema did the art on #49, and I'm pretty sure she'll be behind the action in #50.

These stories take place just weeks after the Battle of Geonosis!

Every Star Wars fan should be reading these.