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    Best place to get the Plo Koon???

    Hey all........I have been putting off buying the Plo Koon exclusive fig. With all the disarray with the official website, it doesn't seem to be going there anytime soon. I have seen quite a few sites offer the figure at decent prices.
    Now my question is, for those of you who bought it, where'd you get it? How was the service, price after shipping and the time to get to you? Any advice on which company to buy from? Thanks......

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    Just Got 12" Plo Koon

    I recieved my 12" Plo Koon yesterday from Entertainment Earth. Let me tell you this figure is awsome!!! It has some great detail and the face looks incredible. You can easily tell that he is wearing a mask to protect him from the oxygen enviornment on Courasant. It seems that Hasbro is getting better on making these figures. I was really impressed with the Bounty hunter figures and with Ki Mundi and this one seems to even be better. I still do have two complaints with these figures. First the Head seems really loose. I don't know if it is because it is so big or if they just did not attatch it properly but it seems like it could fall off at any moment. the second complaint I have is the hands. They do not really grip anything. They look great but I have a hard time getting the lightsaber to stay in his grip. I mean the lightsaber is his life and he would never want to lose it so why does he not hold it tighter. I really wish they would have used a grip that could be closed on the saber. Well that is about it. I just wanted to put in my two cents on this figure. I do have it open and it looks great with the other Jedi in my collection.
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    I didn't even know that they were in stock yet. Just ordered mine.
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    Looks like I'll have to shop at Entertainment Earth. Are'nt the Plo Kloon's Fan Club exclusives?
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    Yeah. I think they were supposed to be fan club exclusives but they are ending up everywhere. I think something has happened with the fan club since the take over of new ownership. I think we might just need to shop elsewhere for the exclusives to find them.
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    I agree DarthWitco on everything you said about this figure.

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    Mini-rock. Was the head really loose on your Plo Koon also? I am just curious if it was just mine.
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    I passed on Ki-Adi Mundi, but I'll definatly be getting Koon.
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    Originally posted by DarthWitko
    Mini-rock. Was the head really loose on your Plo Koon also? I am just curious if it was just mine.
    Yes, the head on my Plo Koon seems loose too. Like it's too big or something. I don't like the way it's attahced also, but I just pull his shirt high on the neck to cover it up. Other than that this is really an awesome figure and looks cool as hell on my shelf.

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    I wanted to complain about this figure....about the hand-me-down EpOne Mace belt n' boots...about the open-gripped hands...about the almost bobble-head......but once I placed him on my shelf next to the other jedi figures....he looks great! I really like the head sculpt alot, and the re-used stuff from EpOne Mace is accented differently enough to work well with Koon's darker jedi garb.
    One niggle I can't let pass....I wish Hasbro would go back to the "clip" style lightsaber hilts (like on the EpOne Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan)...they stay on the belts much better than these new "peg" style ones do.
    We're getting quite the collection of Jedi here....I hope they continue. Is it just a rumor that Saesee Tinn is next?


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