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    Lightbulb SP-4 is Prototype Pit Droid

    I just bougt the library droids today and the where quite nice. However, there where a few details I was concerned of, like the fin on SP-4's head and that stupied mouth hanging on his nose. I was wondering how it would look without these elements and noticed SP-4 looked exactly the same as one of those pre-producion drawings of a pitdroid from E1.

    Hmmmm, so I guess they tried to camouflage him by adding those stupied elements.
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    SP-4 is actually the same make of droid, as the PK droids on the Trade Federation ship in E1. All they did was change the head for the E2 Jedi Archives Droids. Here's a couple links.

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    No, actually SP-4 was originally in episode one as the two Jedi Ambassadors enter the trade federation ship SP-4 Or PK-4 as he was then, has a conflab with another droid and comments on the two strangers looking like important Jedi or something like that. The original design for PK-4 was a two eyed domed head droid with the same body as this SP-4. It was actually a larger dome with a smaller dome on top. They made the puppet for the scene but it never worked so they dropped it from the script and it wasn't necessary because TC-14 got the line about them being jedi later in the movie. They then digitised the body of PK-4 and added the single eye head and shoved him into a couple of scenes that needed some background action because they were quite dull scenes.
    The original SP-4 looked a little like this...

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    Jargo, SP-4 is a PK droid. Take a look at the above link to's databank. It's the same body on all three of the droids. They just all have different heads.

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    I'm not talking about the stupid databank EU crapola entries which rattle on about the make of the droids and that stuff, I'm talking about it from a LFL design department and Lucas' artistic director moviemaking decision POV. I just recounted the tale of the creation of the PK droids in TPM so yeah DUH! I know they're PK droids. But they came from just one droid which was called PK-4. SP-4 is based on the original PK-4 as far as his head goes. It's patently obvious to anyone who doesn't inhabit the shiny shiny happy happy land of lala LFL EU horse poo land.

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    It's not EU, if it appears on film. The PK droids appear on film, your PK-4 Droid never appeared on film. The PK droids walk by in the background on the Trade Federation ship, and also are seen on the battlefield at the end rounding up the broken battle droid pieces. Its patently obvious to anyone who doesn't inhabit the ****y moany crappy land of lala Jargo EU horse poo land. Of course, no one is allowed to disagree with you. You take that personally.

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    The PK droid i posted a pic of didn't appear on film no, but it's the puppet the digitised so it could appear on film in the scenes you mentioned. The puppet is the original design for the PK droid in the movie. It has the same body as the movie version, it has the same color scheme as the movie version but it came before the CGI movie version. The movie version is based on the puppet. The SP-4 droid is also based on the puppet if you look closely at the ay the head cap relates to the eyes. I was rephrasing the official history of the PK droids wheras you were simply comparing movie stills. if anyone is taking anything too seriously it's you old chum. All interaction is personal but it depends on who i'm talking to as to whether i take it seriously or not. On an internet message board that's faceless I hardly think any of this is serious. It's all just trivial. It's very interesting how you took my comment personally and interpretted it as an insult to you directly when there was no personal preface to it, But you chose to hurl it back at me in a very personal and insulting way. Which is very typical of you.
    Can people disagree with me? Why of course because otherwise it would be some glee club that would drive people nuts and rot teth with sickly sentimental 'bluebirds and cute fluffy bunny rabbits' prose.
    I'm simply one man stating my opinions strongly. I don't expect people to agree with me. I don't expect people to respond to me. But people do so what I write has a value in provoking a response negative or positive. And that is all any of us should hope for. I have no need to always have the last word. I have no need to always be right, or be an expert expert. I have no need to kiss arse or be seen to be 'cool'. I have no need to ingratiate myself with people by posting gossip constantly. I'm just a collector using an online message board for posting thoughts on a mutual hobby. It's just one voice in a crowd speaking often.
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    HEEHAW! HEEHAW HEEHAW! He hawlways says that.

    What? We're fine. Everythings fine here. how 'bout you?

    *shoots console*

    Boring conversation anyway. Howdy - we're gonna have company.....!

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    eeeeh, thanx for the replay guy's. Although I understand JarJar's comment, I do agree with Emperor Jargo, the databank uses a cheap explanation of those sgi droids to get away with it. They do appear on the Federation Star Ship and ifcourse in the end of the battlefield scene where they clean up the mess.
    But afterall, I do knowo a lot more about them and I do know that stupid fin and droopy mouth doesn't belong to the droid so I'll cut it away.
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