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    New Fan Club Exclusive Sandtroopers

    Check the home page news for the picture!
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    Thanks SirSteve!!!
    These look great, we all should be set on Sandtroopers for awhile now!
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    Looks great, Sir Steve. Is the Fan Club actually going to have these? I thought they shifted them to 3rd party retailers, because of the Fan Club re-structuring. BTW, tell your source that he has the backpacks on upside down.

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    That's what I thought. This is from

    Formerly a Star Wars Fan Club Exclusive! The Sandtrooper Troop Builder set includes four individually bagged (not carded) 3 3/4 inch Sandtroopers from the classic Star Wars trilogy. These ship in a white box. Figures are similar to the previously released Power of the Jedi versions.
    It really doesn't matter to me who has it.
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    hmm.... let me look into it...
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    Very nice. No more sandtroopers for me after this pack! Hopefully there will be an accessory pack with a few bigger blasters (like the '96 one). I wonder, will they come with those stands?
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    hopefully they will inlcude more weapons like Mr. JabbaJohnL said, the POTF2 rifle looks great on the POTJ sandtroopers, maybe they could do 50/50, give two figs the rifle and 3 figs the blaster? either way I need on of these sets
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    I preordered mine sometime ago from Entertainment Earth. If they are like the Stormtrooper troop building sets, then you won't get any action figure stands. I bought one box of the Sandtroopers, and 5 boxes of the Stormtroopers.
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    I think the Sandtroopers set looks great! I may only get 1 set because I have enough of the POTJ and POTF Sandtroopers for my Tatooine infantry.
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    I pre-ordered one from EE. It will be nice to have all the different pauldrons on a more realisticly sculpted figure. I ordered the rebel fleet troopers while I was at it. Hopefully they'll have the head variants with the rebels.


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