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    Talking 'Fess up! Who's watching American Idol?

    Okay, I'll admit it. My fianc&eacutee got me hooked on this series later on during the first run, and I've been following the new series religiously. (Yeah, I'm kinda ashamed, but at least it's not Joe Millionaire. ) Given the ratings, I can't be alone. Who else here is giving up too many hours a week to watch this prepackaged pop?

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    ya..... my girlfriend makes me watch it with her. In a way, it is kind of disturbingly fun to watch those hopeful pop singers get their life dreams shot to a bloody pulp....
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    I watched it on Wednesday night I think it was because I wanted to see what was great about it, and there was this thing going on about these guys going out drinking and it made Simon mad since they weren't taking the competition seriously. Yeah, that right there was really enough of me, but I do admit to having watched it that one time. I fessed up.
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    guilty. I have a thing for self-torture apparently, I loved watching the first show with all the really bad singers but it ended up literally giving me a headache. I tried to watch a new one the other day, but, while the singing was bad, it was not headache-inducing. What is up with the caterwauling "soul" music everyone sings? Except that one rocker guy that was doing "Hard to Handle", that was funny. Nice spiked wrist bands, I bet he makes it.
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    I have seen it once or twice. I usually just leave it on, and go about doing something else. I think some of the contestants are just hillarious. Where do they get these clowns? It seems to me that all these 'reality' shows are chock full of clowns.
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    I refuse to watch this or any other reality show. In fact, my wife has to go upstairs to watch them.
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    Now that they are done showing all the reject singers the show has lived past its usefulness. All I care about seeing are all those wannabees who can't sing worth squat getting shot down by the Wank-meister General Simon.
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    Did they actually show the bit where the two presenters of the English version, (Pop Idol), Ant and Dec auditioned as N*SYNC wannabes, just to wind up Simon Cowell?
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    Originally posted by The Ghost of Jonna
    No,....... that you refuse to admit it..........?
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