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    12" Padme/Anakin/Geonosian - Available?

    Has anyone seen these anywhere? Only place I've found them is Entertainment Earth, and I refuse to get them, since I don't want the Anakin. No sign of them in any NJ stores, or any of the mainstream online stores (KB, TRU, FAO). Are these even gonna make it to toy store shelves?

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    in the post below, tycho just posted that last night he found this wave at toys 'r us in california, which means they will be making their way east in a few weeks. also, the leia/han carbonite has been found in a few toys 'r us stores as well.

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    Thanks for the info. Hopefully this means I can get just Padme and the Geonosian for regualr TRU prices, instead of having to pay the overinflated E-Earth and Ebay prices.

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    Hey, I just saw those at TRU here in L.A. CA too, they should be in your area soon!

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    They just showed up at a TRU in Minnesota, so they are moving in your direction
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    yep, they're in texas, and the ugly anakin is the best seller of this wave.

    i've found just remains of this wave at a few toys ' us stores, with the geo warrior being the slowest seller.

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    It's kinda wierd that the Geo Warrior is the slowest seller when it's the best figure of the bunch huh?

    I'll probably get an Anakin & switch heads if I find one on clearance someday.... It's actually a really nice figure except for that UGLY head. Who Is that supposed to be anyway???? (it sure isn't Anakin)

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    Well, if Anakin is the best seller, that's good news for me. I only want Padme and Geo Warrior....couldn't care less about another 12" Anakin.

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    Originally posted by jpak001
    It's kinda wierd that the Geo Warrior is the slowest seller when it's the best figure of the bunch huh?
    Hey, what do they cost there?

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    They cost $19.99 at TRU


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