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    Exclamation Saga Plo Koon has a removable Mask!

    Well i think,see I was goofing around with my toys,and I though how cool it would be to take his mask off so i did but when I did there was a peg on the mask and hole were it fits in,how cool is that! try it.But you may half to cut his littel things that connect to the mask,but ti still fits in the same place VIA the peg.It's really neat.
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    well, do you have any pics? how does the face look like under the mask? is a little face sculpted with eyes and all? sounds cool
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    well I don't have a pic,and It's just his mouth pice that comes off,and theres nothing about the mouth,but cutomizers could make it cool.
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    oh. That bites.

    now Movie Maniacs series 1- the Jason Vorhees figure; you take off his mask and there's actually a very nicely detailed, horribly scarred face under there!
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    Didn't you ever take the clothes off of a Barbie doll? Some things are better left to the imagination, I guess.

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    Originally posted by gibbyhayes
    Didn't you ever take the clothes off of a Barbie doll? Some things are better left to the imagination, I guess.

    Ahhh! You're, so sick! Oh no, that won't help it now! You really think that paper towel will rectify the damage you've done. HA! Wipe all you want, but it will never contain the puddle that you've made! For the love of Todd, undressing a Barbie!?! What were you thinking? Why don't you just aquire some porn off the internet like a normal person? YOU take THAT THING out of the Barbie Dream Cottage! STOP trying to dress Mr. Wiggles up with the Barbie Spring Time for Hitler dress! My Todd, you're SICK!
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    Sick, no. Elementary exploration, yes. Um, Duh!


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