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    Who in their right mind wants to play with sitting figures? Boooooring.

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    I have to go with INDIANA about the beserker thing. Koth has had WAAAAY to much coffee.

    And GNT Plo Koon beats Eeth Koth as coolest JCM.
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    I think if this pose was for one of the Jedi Knights in the big fight sceen from EII this would be an EXCELLENT figure, one of the best!!! From my point of view, Hasbro should make figures true to how they appeared in the movie. Now, maybe Hasbro is REALLY surprising us and Koth will be in EII really kicking butt and I will be really pleased with this figure. BUT, as a Jedi Council member from EI...not a lot of action there.
    I will buy extras to custom into "Fighting Jedi" for EII displays though.

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    At first glance, I thought, "Awesome. Finally, a Jedi Council Member in a butt-kicking pose!" Then I realized how peeved most would be that he's not standing in a bland vanilla stance like the other boring Jedi Council Members. Until Hasbro offers a Deluxe Light-Up Funeral Pyre Qui-Gon, I'll pass on vanilla, thanks. Make mine Rocky Road with Sprinkles.

    Let me offer some constructive criticism: Hasbro needs to make a butt-load of Jedi like this if they're to be taken seriously as warriors, especially with the impending Jedi purge aluded to in the Classic Trilogy. Eeth Koth has 100% more appeal in this dynamic pose, maybe even enough to attract kids to the line! Give me more.

    And while they're at it, Hasbro can give us anal-retentive fanboy collectors a "movie accurate" boxed set of council members as they appeared in The Phantom Menace; seated in their individual chairs. Offer it through the Fan Club (remember the Fan Club, Hasbro? You frickin' own it). All twelve Jedi, a window box that doubles as the Jedi Council Chamber, and a $90 price tag. We'll eat 'em up, I promise.

    Good job, Hasbro. Now give us "movie accurate" figures, too.

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    Thumbs up i like it

    Yeah well i have to agree, i like the figure besides who wants a bunch of figures sitting down? it would only make sense if they made a council chamber with sits like yoda... but how do they expect to sell figures siiting down, remember hasbro doesn't make it for the hardcore alone but also for kids.. even though i have never met a kid who collected star wars figures...

    okay well great sculpt, i would have to say this is probably oneof the best council members made, except adi gallia which i thought was well done...

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    Well, I think the figure is pretty neat. However I like him better with his original name, Worf.

    Finally, a good Star Trek/Star Wars crossover figure.

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    Seated Council Members - No No No!

    Berserker, A**-kicking Council Members - Yes Yes Yes!

    Hasbro, keep 'em coming - but agreed with some of you others, don't pose them too much.
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