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    Angry Hasbro Dropped ball with Eeth Koth...

    I want my Jedi Cousel (?) members sitting on their *** NOT kicking it !!! Or at the very least standing all somber like. Definitely NOT berserker jedi mode......

    Disappointed with this one.......

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    Thumbs up Nope nope nope

    It is perfect! Jedi are action filled, not dummies!
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    "Action figure. "

    The operative word here is "action."

    Of course, now Hasbro decides to do action poses when all the coolest council members have already been made.

    (sigh) Maybe Ep2.
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    Come on Eeth is probably the best Jedi Council member out there!
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    Eeth Koth

    The sculpting is incredible on this one, and the lightsaber rocks!!!
    The pre possitiong looks cool but he won't look right next to the rest of the Jedi council. Pesonally I like the prepositioning, but I wish it was toned down a little. Anuy maybe they'll redo some jedi council members for E2 that will be posed like this. I have a feeling that this is what the E2 figs. will be like.

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    Thumbs up

    There is some merit to what Indiana says. I hope that Hasbro does sculpts of each JCM in refined poses such as sitting in the council chairs as well as the butt-kicking version. Don't getta me wrongo! I do love the fighting ones.
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    When we get a Jedi council playset to display our Jedi Council members then I'll complain about this awesom sculpt.
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    I'm reserving judgement till I have one, but my initial impression was that Hasbro didn't "drop the ball" with this figure but certainly went overboard with the "flared" lightsaber and the action pose, and could have done better.
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    Thumbs up

    I dont know. Again I usually like to wait until I have one to pass judgement, but i like the figure.
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    Maybe when we're older, Hasbro can make the OFH (Old Folks Home) line of figures. Then we can have all our favorite Jedi Council members seated in La-Z-Boys or Barkaloungers instead of the *****in' poses like the one for Eeth Koth.


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