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    Yeah, I thought everyone liked megadeth.... musically they're totally awesome.... them and Anthrax, both for the first few albums at least... lots of speed, well composed tunes with lots o' parts... CLASSIC metal.... I like everything up to Youthanasia a lot, that song "High speed dirt" just kills me... "mechanix" is a pretty good song, too, but it kinda sounds like some other song
    Yeah, they ruled in the day..... my copies of the first few never had any labels, though, so I'm not real sure what the songs I like are, the first 5 or so are pretty much all aces in my metal book
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    Musically Megadeth is very talented but I can't stand Dave's signing voice. So I say no to Megadeth. I also saw them once in concert and they put on one of the worst performances I'd ever seen.
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    Megadeth can be boring, but when they're good, they're awesome! Anthrax is the same way to me.

    I love Whitesnake and the Scorpions. Has anyone else here heard the Scorps' techno-influenced album Eye II Eye? That is one of my favorite CDs ever, and I hate techno, especially with my metal!

    I picked up the score to Ghosts of Mars over the weekend. Pretty neat CD with performances by Steve Vai and members of Anthrax and [Axl's New] Guns n Roses [Cover Band].
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    Firstly, Megadeth is all great stuff. Also listen to other Megadeth albums other than the obvious ones that everyone has heard. Such as Killing Is my Business...And Business Is Good, Youthanasia, Countdown To Extinction and Cryptic Writings. All songs are also well composed, not just a few. Also the song Mechanix sounds like The Four Horsemen from Metallica, seeing how Mustaine was in Metallica. Not to mention other guitar riffs in some Megadeth songs are also featured in Metallica songs. As for Cryptic Writings and Risk, they sound like that, because Mustaine wanted to try something new. Cryptic Writings did well, and after Risk, Megadeth went back to their normal style of music and created one of the best of all their albums, The World Needs A Hero. How can you even think of such a great band as boring at any given time? Mustaine's voice is also the best for this type of music. Not to mention how long they lasted. It's a shame that Mustaine messed his arm up.
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    Thought about posting this for a while so I might as well. Way, Way back in the day, I actually use to listen to Metallica and the like, but my musical tastes have changed considerably over time. Anywho, there is a band called Apoptygma Berzerk that does a cover of Fade To Black (I think that is what it is called) and it is absolutely an improvement to the original. I advise you to check it out. Apop actually does alot of great covers. Last week I heard their cover of Marilyn Manson's Coma White which is also worth checking out.
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    Ah ha, Megadeth are good! They have that energy to their music that Metallica has always possessed. I also enjoy the lyrics, music that has a message with it. Mustaine is a good guy, even if in the earlier years he was very bitter. I like all of their stuff, and Risk contained a lot of good music. Who can forget Prince of Darkness? In my eyes, they are definitely one of the better bands to have come out of the 80's. They came out with one purpose, and I think they did that one thing well. I really hope to see Mustaine come back, because Megadeth is a band that you just cannot forget. Hangar 18, classic. I just wish these bands (Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Maiden, etc) could go on forever, because all of that music today they're calling rock, well, it's sad to see. The Hives and The Vines are two such examples of bad music. Please heal quick Mustaine.
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    I just had a listen to that Fade To Black cover, and I am left wondering what exactly happened to the song. The song is too industrial and electronic for me. Where's the energy of that Hammett lead. The vocals are fine, but the rest of the song has just been changed too much. But I guess if a band wants to pay homage to Metallica and that's the style they play, then I can't attack it. I just have too much rock in my blood to ever listen to it again.
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    Originally posted by Caesar
    Chux, while purchasing Kiss Unplugged on DVD (OOP in the US so I had to go overseas through eBay to get a foreign release of IDENTICAL quality )
    Criminy jicket!! I just did a couple of searches to see how HTF the Kiss Unplugged DVD is. The cheapest I found was $130!!! Why does all this stuff go out of print? Shouldn't it clue in the morons at the record companies that when used copies are selling for more than double the original price, maybe it's an indication it should be re-released?

    No, they just sit there, drooling, listening to their stinkin' Britney Spears CDs over and over, marvelling at how she's their ideal of music. It's a good thing Frank Zappa isn't alive to see this. Oh, wait, no it's not. I'd want to hear what he'd say about the state of the record industy (and, more importantly, ten years worth of new stuff).

    Sorry, off subject, but I had to vent a little.
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    Originally posted by Exhaust Port
    Musically Megadeth is very talented but I can't stand Dave's signing voice.
    I dig Dave's voice on about half Megadeth's music, but then there's that other half where his sound just gets on my nerves. It's not that he's always different, it's like there's just a certain level where it becomes intolerable to me.

    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    Megadeth can be boring, but when they're good, they're awesome! Anthrax is the same way to me.
    Same here, and Rob Zombie too (ok, everything he does after White Zombie sucks IMO, but that's similar enough ).

    You know what really bugs me about "rock" today? Too often you'll get a really hard music part but really wimpy vocals & vice-versa, I hate that so much. Even Anthrax's later stuff falls into this a little. It's like a waste of material.
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    Hey, I thought we were talking about metal.... the hives and their ilk are "rawk" bands, who take that weird pride in not playing too well (like many punk bands, it's almost like the harder they stink, the better they are- no place in my virtuoso filled book of whirlwind fretmongers)
    Anyways, JT- which anthrax are you talking about- post belladonna?? That would make sense, spreading the disease was awesome...
    Vicrattlehead... I actually mentioned mechanix tongue-in-cheek.. it's the exact same song, and at the time there was some pretty funny back-and-forth about the tune... mustaine SWORE it was his, and so did metallica, only the lyrics really differ
    Finally, I will add my vote to the "rawk sucks" pile.... at least it's a bit better than angst rock like creed with the big soaring sound and absolutely nothing going on musically (or at least nothing that has to DO with anything).. every time I hear the hives or vines or plants or the guys or whatever I feel sorry for veruca salt, that was the same style they did, just to soon to catch on (PS I almost liked v.salt in a guilty sort of way )
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