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    Thanks for the info guys. Yup. James does sound like a prick to me now. It sucks.

    I mean they are just about my all-time favorite band (it only varies if I've overplayed them myself), but who in their right mind would want to be in a band with these guys if they're going to be treated like an ugly dog? And if the other 3 could reform, they would've begged Jason to come back instead of taking the stance that they were right all along.

    I mean, if they need a base player and all they have to do is be nice to them, then Jason's already qualified

    Instead, they'll have to break a new guy in, regardless of how they treat him. Anyway, hope the record company and Jason parted with a good deal for him and all his work he put into it.

    Life can suck.

    Most of us would dream of being rock stars and would be saying "Wow, I'm really part of Metallica now? This is so cool!" but Jason walks away saying "Here's a part of my life I'd like to forget!" - and he's talking about Metallica of all bands!
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    Well, Tycho that whole thing happened while Jason was still with the band, those comments and everything. I don't know if they've changed or not. Jason says he and James have met since his departure and that they are talking again. Jason hasn't talked bad about Metallica since he's left, and I don't think he believes it is a part of his life he wants to forget anytime soon. I really believe he loved it, even with the crap he was taking the whole time.

    Jason says he's a fan of Metallica now, and he wants to see Metallica prove everyone out there that Metallica is still alive with this new album. From what I read about Jason, he still wishes the guys luck, even if he said Voivod could kick Metallica's butt. I've watched a lot of video interviews with Metallica in the studio from 2002-2003....and whenever Jason is brought up it becomes a touchy subject. There are a few things said, that you can't tell if Metallica is joking or genuinely angry Newsted left them.

    Remember earlier how I said I didn't look at the group as the same people after the whole album....well the Newsted incident is why. As for the other 3 guys reforming, Lars and Kirk didn't need to reform, it was mostly James who did all of the pushing. I'd like to think of it as James just being that older brother to Jason when he did stuff to him, but some things crossed the line. I can't speak on any of their behalf's, but from what I observed by watching all of those in the studio videos from recently, it's an issue that is really 50/50 as to how all of the parties involved really feel about the split.
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    Also about the departure, Newsted said many times that he wanted to pursue different types of music (usually just a media ruse to make ugly things look nice, buy hey), and that does seem to be what he's done......
    Back quick to Tycho's list- you need (by maiden) Powerslave, Piece of Mind, Killers, Iron Maiden, number of the beast and maybe seventh son of a seventh son, any of those.
    For priest, I suggest starting at the beginning, try "rocka rolla" or "sad wings of destiny" or maybe "stained class", the infamous album... or for a bunch all at once, unleashed in the east or preist live.. I've got the whole catalogue, and it's all great...
    Odd choice, (and one that influenced METALLICA) if you can find "fly to the rainbow", "lonesome crow" or "in trance" (Blackout is good too, but less crazy), is early Scorpions... I know, it conjures goofy images, but in the beginning they sound like a cross between zeppelin, sabbath and Hendrix all at once, really awesome.
    Sorry, back to Metallica!!!!

    PS JBF, I didn't "get" yer name til I saw this thread, for some ridiculous reason, I thought your name was james field and you added boba fett to the middle of it......
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    As much as it sucks to have Jason leave the band due to the above mentioned reasons I think those same reasons are what have kept Metallica around for so long. We all know tons of bands that have self distructed (Sepultura ) but Metallica has done well throughout the years. For a lot of bands the first sign that they're going to break up is someone puts out a solo album. I don't know what it takes to be in a band but it seems that preservation requires control.

    I trust the Metallica members will find a suitable replacement and march on.
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    Actually, I have a lot of the Scorpions' stuff. I guess I knew it better, they got more airtime on the hardrock channels than Priest or Maiden.

    Scorpions and Whitesnake should be playing together here at San Diego State's Cox Arena in another week or so. I heard it's not sold out, but I haven't looked into tickets. I think the concert is on Valentine's Day, so it complicates things depending upon which tattered shards of my relationship I'm holding on to.
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    Did you know in Germany at the Rock Im Park festival, Metallica is going to be playing along with Iron Maiden and Queens of the Stone Age along with some other well known (but not liked as much) groups. I wish I was in Europe. That's not to mention all of the other great European festivals they're appearing at this summer too.

    EDIT: Anyone hear that cover of 53rd and 3rd they put out on the Ramones tribute album? I heard it back a few months ago (crappy quality) and just now heard a much better version of it. It marks the first time Lars actually sings on a studio album alone. Check it out if you liked any of their previous covers. I'd rank this up there with their Black Dog cover, good good stuff.
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    I have nothing to add to this right now, just saw JBF's sig and had to comment- I had a quote from "snakebite love" in my sig forever, and no one said anything about it...
    LOVE Lemmy and the boys, seen them several times, once they played a field near my house, no joke!!
    This IS a real heavy music thread..... are we allowed to say "love me like a reptile" here???
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Anything that Motorhead has ever said is welcome here, mabudon.
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    Speaking of Lemmy, did you ever see the Ozzy "Don't Blame Me" home video?
    Well, Lemmy did his interview in a strip club.

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    Well, I just read at the metclub that Metallica will announce their official US touring plans. I'm not sure if they'll announce date and venues too, though I hope they do. So tomorrow we'll know for sure about the Limp Bizkit/Linkin Park tour rumors.
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