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    Any U2 Fans Out There?

    U2 will be on Letterman for an entire week. Are they planning to tour with this new album this summer? I missed the last tour but was able to see Elevation twice (once on Bono's birthday....).....
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    i thought we were gonna discuss spy planes.

    but no, not much of a fan - although joshua tree is ok.

    and i think there might be a U2 thread elsewhere already, but i'm too lazy to look right now.

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    I love Joshua Tree (it's still one of my all-time favorite albums) and most everything else before that. However, I don't like much of their post-Joshua Tree stuff.

    Achtung Baby! was alright, but I got tired of it quick.
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    What week will they be on?
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    Yup, U2 fan here. I'll be watching Letterman.

    Man he sure was cruel to Joaquim the other night. That's showbiz.

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    My sister and I listened to a lot of Joshua Tree as teenagers, had some very deep conversations to it, and now cannot listen to that album at all because of that. I do like U2 though, but I'm not sure I'm a "fan". They're on my "buy more of soon" list along with Prince and Van Halen, now that you mention it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_evazan22 View Post
    What week will they be on?

    March 2nd-6th.
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    I really want to see them in concert....never have....
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    It's a great concert. They're the perfect live rock band in everyway (good and bad). In the Elevation tour they brought out the stage into the audience so people got really close to the band. In their Indy concert in 2000, we watched Bono stop security and let a totally drunk dude on stage with him during one of the sets (only to be hauled off by security moments later!). My friends told me that in Dallas they let another guy on stage with them and let him play one of the Edge's guitars (was it rehearsed?). Another buddy of mine saw them in Pittsburg and got to meet the band outside the stadium before the concert....they gave pictures and autos.....

    I get tired of people saying U2 is full of themselves.....THEY'RE FREAKING ROCK STARS THAT'S WHAT ROCK STARS DO. They may have egos but are never shy with rubbing elbows with fans....WHICH IS WHAT KEEPS ROCK STARS ROCK STARS.
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    U2 as to be one of my favorite bands of all time. And of bands that are active, they are my top band. I still haven't seen them live yet. I came close in 2000 in Denver, but that show sold out super fast. And then again in Portland ('05 I think), but school got in the way. So this just might be the year.

    Now I've done something I never thought I'd do. I pre-ordered the new album from i-Tunes. I really like the band, but ever since Pop I've been leery of new U2. I'm only lukewarm on the new single, Get on Your Boots, which exactly how I was with Pop. I guess I'll find out in a few hours just how good or bad this album is.
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