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    Upcoming Han-Lando-ATST wave....

    First off, let me say how surprised I am at the number of AC entries we're getting on the heels of the bounty hunter wave comes the Ani-Padme wave (which I have yet to see), and with a fair amount of speed come Plo Koon right after Ki Adi makes his AC we have ANOTHER wave hitting in the first half of the year....not to mention that Gammorrean Guard that's on the way....WOW...times are great for AC collectors right now...

    Having said that....this classic wave is looking pretty hit-n-miss. (I'll offer my usual disclaimer of pics may not fo figures justice...we'll see).

    The Han Solo....aacckk! NO MORE GIMMICKS. Please tell me the Action Collection line isn't going to end up overrun with crazy gimmicks like the regular figures are they? I hope not. Also...this figure convinces me we are NEVER going to see anything remotely close to a good interpretation of Harrison Ford in the AC line. This Han looks so....soft. Ugh.

    The AT-ST Driver......attack of the clones indeed! Can they get any more mileage out of that generic imp head they've been using for the past two imp figures? From babyface (Death Star Trooper) to groovy '70s sideburns (Imperail Officer) to-this new ewok-chow touch-o-gray sideburns. Unless they plan on going platinum blond with the next one, I think it's time to give this head a rest.

    The Lando....looks to be the best of the lot. I like the head sculpt and although he looks a little too strapped in the box (heck, what am I talkin' about...he IS!)...I think this figure will look pretty cool out of the box standing with that Gammorean Guard. (Can you tell I'm hyped for the GG?)

    I'm just glad Hasbro's keepin' em coming with such a good mix of old n' new....

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    Yeah, its great to see so many 12"ers coming out these days!
    The lando skiff looks awesome. Hopefully this means a lando general will come out some day.
    I think the at-st driver is good, too. I mean, who cares what his face looks like, he will be displayed with helmet and goggles on as he is in the movie. I do think that was an odd choice for a 12" release, though, with all the more popular figures that could have come out. But, now they have all the tools to make a general veers/at-at cmdr, so I'm content.

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    If I based buying my 12" figures on how the sculpts looked, I might stay away from the Star Wars line. I don't though. I'm just happy to have more Star Wars.

    The new Han kinda looks like Fred Flintstone IMO. I have the Euro Han, which looks better IMO, but will get this anyway to complete the collection.

    AT-ST Driver, SWEET!!

    Looking at Lando Skiff from the boxed pics reminds me of Apu for some reason. Maybe it will look different in person. Either way it doesn't matter since he will have his helmet & mask on anyway.

    Of course I'll buy all 3, that's what do, collect Star Wars 12" figures. I'm also glad we are getting so many more AC figs, and if Hasbro ever decided to pump out twice as many per year it wouldn't bother me a bit.

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    does the euro han solo have the bespin head? from the photos i've seen it looks like it.

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    No, not the same. Similar though, but I can't even tell what bodies are the same.

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    does the euro han you have look like the photo i posted? because that han in the photo looks exactly like the bespin han, as best i can tell.

    see, this is just another reason you need a digital camera!!!

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    Unfortunately the photo you posted doesn't come in very clear on my TV so I can't tell really if it looks like the one in the pic.

    Yes, yes I know. I need to get a digital camera. I took a look at a couple, but my problem is I set my standards too high I think. Maybe I will just get a cheapy for now. Just for you dude.

    Do you not have the 12" Euro Han/Luke?

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    i have the euro luke.

    just get a $100-$120 camera that's 1.3 megapixel. if you like it, great, if not, you can always take it back. just be sure you take photos of your collection first.

    i got an olympus 1.3 megapixel camera at radio shack for a little over a $100 a while back. it's not the best camera, but it's just perfect for what i need.

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    I'm glad to see Lando Skiff, that's a figure I'll be getting if I can find it. The other 2 look like not my style, I like accessories and neither of them have ones I dig enough to drop $$$ on.
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