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Thread: Family Guy

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    JT, from what I read the R2 discs have no extras at all. While the R1 discs will have commentary on 8 episodes, promos and such. The R2 season 2 disc does has the lost/banned episode "Once Upon A Wienstien" though. Which is not on the Season 1 & 2 R1 set. From what I've been told, "Once Upon A Wienstien" is being saved for the Season 3 DVD here in the US.

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    I didn't even know this was on DVD. I don't know why they cancel ashows like this and keep crap like Raymond on TV
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    Season 1 came out over here around about this time last year, and season 2 came out on 27th January this year, it also has a leaflet saying that Season 3 is coming this April!

    As Jar Jar said, niether has any extra's or comentary, just 29 episodes of classic comedy, oh, and optional subtitles, what a treat!
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    I just watched that banned episode, man! It was a great episode, too bad they banned it.
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    Banned episode? Of what you speak?

    Details, I wants details. Or a short summary of what it is and why it was banned.
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    The episode is titled: "When You Wish Upon A Weinstein"
    Show 2ACX05
    Total run time: 22:56
    And the date on it is: 5/24/2000

    I don't know why it was banned. I found it on Kazaa pretty easy. There's a lot of Jewish jokes in it, maybe that's what is offensive. There's a little bit of the Catholics being made fun of (by the use of nuns.) Anyway, what happens in this is that Peter is swindled out of money by a man selling volcano insurance. Peter decides to get a person who knows how to handle money to help him get his money back, so he decides a Jewish man will be the best way to go. A Jewish man happens to need to use Peter's phone, and Peter decides this man is an answer to his prayer. Peter ends up convincing the guy to help him get his money back. Max Weinstein (the Jewish guy, I think he was an accountant) decides to help Peter, and Peter gets his money back. Then Max takes Peter and his family to his temple, and Peter becomes fascinated with how great Jewish people are, so he decides to turn Chris into a Jew by taking him to Vegas to have a bar mitzvah. Lois ends up stopping the ceremony, and all is well. Uh..people who did guest voices are as follows (keep in mind there were others, these are just the bigger names):

    Mark Hamill
    Ben Stein
    Ed McMahon

    That's all I got for this episode.
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    It's called "When You Wish Upon A Wienstien" and was banned due to the large number of Jewish jokes in it. I've heard it's really not as bad as some people seem to think it is. It's just achieved this cult status due to why it was banned. Here's the episode summery and some quotes from it, from
    An inspirational visit from a successful Jew -- who could be the answer to Peter's financial crisis -- leads Peter to push Chris to go Jewish, so he too will be successful.

    Max: What do you want!?
    Peter: Financial advice.
    Max:'d you know I was an accountant?
    Peter: Helllllooooooooooo, Max WEINSTEIN!!!

    Peter: Lois, this is my new friend Max Weinstein! He's Jewish!
    Lois: Ooooooooh, how exotic!

    Rabbi: Mr. Griffin, why does your son want to become Jewish?
    Peter: I dunno...he's bi-curious

    Peter: You better watch who you're calling a child Lois. Because if I'm a child, do you know what that makes you? A pedophile. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand here and be lectured by a pervert.

    Cleveland: You're the white version of a black guy that's not good with his money.

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    That sounds hilarious! Thanks for the info, y'all, and I really hope this is on the season 3 box. (Not that I didn't before, but now I've confirmed it for myself.)
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    There's a pretty funny scene involving Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan giving a woman laser eye surgery with a lightsaber.

    Then there is when Peter is pointing out the famous Jewish people at the Temple.
    "Hey there's Bill Nye the science guy! And half of Lenny Kravitz! Optimus Prime, he's Jewish?!"
    And like you would expect, Optimus Prime comes in for a nice transformation scene.
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    I just picked up Volume 2, Season 3 and watched "When you Wish upon a weinstein" and it's flippin' hysterical. The parody of "When you wish upon a star" is beyond funny.

    The scene w/ Luke Skywalker is great and i nearly started crying when Optimus Prime showed up, transformed and got ready for temple. Not as bad as everybody thinks, but it is not for the easily offendable.
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