After being beaten about the head for weeks with hype and critical acclaim, I finally got to see this new show tonight on NBC.
The references to "Emmy award winning director of the Sopranos (Allen Coulter)" and the comparisons to a hybrid of "Traffic meets The Sopranos" were a little too much for me to take, but after actually watching the pilot I have to say that it was a good show.
My initial reaction was not one of disappointment, as that could have been a likely outcome after all the hype.

I liked it and enjoyed it immensely. What intrigued me the most was the lead character of Miguel, played by Yancey Arias. I found him to be charismatic with a powerful screen presence. Beyond that, I'm just hoping that the series builds on the pilot and gets better. I'm curious to see in which directions it might go.

It's my understanding that NBC has 6 episodes total, with more to be filmed if these first shows are successful. We'll see on that, but I do very much like the idea of showing the second episode on Tuesday already. I'm definately aboard for another show (now if only I can remember to tape it on Tuesday while I'm at work ).