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    What if Luke knew the truth before facing Vader?

    Here's a little tid-bit...

    What if Obi-Wan had told Luke about his father being Darth Vader in Episode IV or that he told Luke on Dagobah when he was getting ready to leave to save Han and Leia? Do you think that Luke would have still gone? What if Yoda told him the truth shortly after Luke got to Dagobah..."Powerful Jedi was he...ummm powerful Jedi!"

    (If Obi-Wan told Luke the truth in Episode IV)
    I don't think that Luke would have believed a story about how his father became a Jedi and then turned to the darkside.

    (If Obi-Wan told Luke the truth in Episode V)
    Luke would have gone anyway...his motivation wasn't to defeat Vader...but to save Han and Luke. He thought that even though he could feel the force...he could at least defend himself against Vader.

    (If Yoda had told Luke the truth in Episode V)
    Luke would have believed Yoda...but would still have been angered toward Obi-Wan for not telling him. I think that Luke may have trained harder and then would have still left early...but more angered...and possibly would have turned.

    I don't know...these are just my opinions...any body want to comment?
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    I think if Luke knew then the duel at the end of ESB would not have started. I still think he would have still went Bespin, with the intention of defeating Vader if he must, but once faced infront of him, Vader would sense that he knew the truth and used it to his advantage. Luke probably would have turned.

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    I agree. Luke probably would have turned. I think the only thing that "saved" him was that the beans were spilled while he was injured, scared ****less and hanging on for dear life over an unknown abyss. As difficult a choice as it was to let go and fall, it was still a choice he was able to make. An easy out. Had he been indoors and not in such a perilous situation, he would have a) broken down a cried like a baby (which he was kinda doing anyway), or b) turned and run like a chicken. In terms of storytelling, neither choice is very dramatic or a preferable behavior for a hero, so it's nice that it didn't go down that way at all.
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    After finding out he was a relation, he wouldve spent the rest of the movie tugging at Vader's cape and whining about power converters.

    Seriously, how scary could Luke be as a Sith? With that goofy haircut and all, it would've been effective for him , Luke would fly into a rage everytime someone busted out laughing at a Tatooine farmboy Sith Lord.
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    Seriously, how scary could Luke be as a Sith?
    True, but how scary is Hayden Christensen as a Sith Lord?
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    True, but how scary is Hayden Christensen as a Sith Lord?
    Depends on the view of "scary". Hayden may be scary as in so terrible it's scary.
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