I could not make a good determination on where to place this thread, so I chose this area.

Anyway, did anyone here actually see the Star Wars Fan Film Awards show that was broadcast (on the SciFi Channel if memory serves) after the first awards? To say that the whole thing was disappointing would be an understatement. The first mistake they made was to make the thing too short for the volume of material available for broadcast.

They seemed to be quite enamored of the anitics of their host, Kevin Smith and gave him equal air time to that provided the various entries. And then the winners in some of the categories! Granted, for the most part all that I had seen of some was the few seconds afforded all but the winners (the winners got to be shown at full), but the quality and creativity conveyed in those brief moments seemed to vastly outshine the full span of a few minutes that were wasted by some of those winning entries. Though some of the winners were seemingly deserving.

Finally, the show spent the better part of its air time playing up the imminant announcement of the Grand Prize Winner to be made by <gasp> George Lucas himself! Every commercial break would remind the viewer of this seemingly grandious event. And when the time came, a very sombre and distracted Mr. Lucas read a card revealing the winning entry (supposedly selected by Lucas himself) with a kind of disinterest and more importantly, seeming surprise that suggested he had never viewed a single one of the entries! The whole show they built up the fact that the top Fan Film was selected by Lucas and when he opened the card it was as if he had seen the title of the film for the first time! "And the winner is...oh, Christmas Taun Tauns." The least they could have done is tell him which film he picked as the top film!

So, that being said, I am less than enthusiastic about this years "competition". My internet connection is not fast enough to view the entrants on Atom Films in an appreciable way and it is unlikely that we will see anything but a repeat of the poorly realized program that aired on SciFi if an awards show is planned for this outing.

Does anyone else have any memories of the last Fan Film Awards?