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Clone Wars Confirmed:
Online reports over the last few weeks, citing pre-order listings, have stated that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be hitting the Xbox this Spring. This afternoon, LucasArts confirmed those reports by announcing jut that, that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be hitting Xbox in the Spring. The game will continue to follow the storyline of the PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions, but will also offer Xbox Live gameplay for up to eight players. The online modes will support up to eight players, with gameplay modes such as an Xbox-enhanced Conquest mode (new weapons, boost power-ups, and battlefield teleportals), online medals that can be viewed, and player rankings.
Now is the time for all you who don't have an Xbox to get one. And everyone with an Xbox to do a happy dance. Are you kidding- 8 player live matcheds with voice! Anyone who has played MechAssualt and/or Clone Wars will want this. This is going to be great. Not to mention Xbox still has Knights of the Old Republic and Galaxies too.

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Check the FAQ and screen shots... I'm psyched now!