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    CGI Yoda in new trailer

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Yoda looks very fake? All the other CGI looks good except Yoda. Id rather see that stupid lizard puppet from E1 than this version.

    Why cant they just use or remake the version that they used in Empire? When your over 800 years old, I dont think 30 years is going to make that much of a difference in appearance

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    I agree, CGI Yoda looks way too cartoony and misshapen for my tastes. Also, while his movements are now fluid, it seems very out of step with earlier Yoda motions (since he's been a puppet for most of the past 3 movies!).
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    It's still early, so I don't think the CG shots are quite refined yet.
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    The whole opening of the trailer scared me becuase it all looked TOO crisp and clear and CGI. The little assassin thingie taking off looked flat and PC game-like. The sandcrawlers had that feel to them. CGI Yoda walking towards Padme (and later in his own shot. And all the characters looked hinky against their backgrounds. Especially Padme in that first shot and then when Ani and ObiWan are sitting in her apartment. It's like the blue screen background really stands out. I believe (and reeeally hope) that these CGI things still have a few turns through the rendering machine to make and it will all look great when the movie comes out. In the Breathing trailer, I thought Yoda looked fine, so I think they just have to do some touchups and since it was an internet trailer playing on a really small screen, they figured they could get away with some unfinished CGI. I hope.

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    I AGREE...Yoda looks great and if there is changes (which I think will be going on right up till a few weeks before release) to the CGI, it will only make him even better...
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    From the pictures that I have seen (since i cannot get the trailer), i am happy with the results.
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    My thoughts exactly Rollo. Hopefully its not the finished product.

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    Anybody remember the Ep1 teaser? Remember how crappy the shot of all the Battle Droids in the field looked? Remember how it looked much better by the movie's release?

    Although I have heard that ILM is incredibly rushed on Ep2, especially compared to Ep1. The late script and having only two years to pull off all the shots hasn't been enough time (they had almost four years for EP1). So we might see a few "unfinished" looking shots in Ep2. Although I am fully prepared for this so hopefully it doesn't bother me when I see it on screen.
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    I think the cgi yoda looks good. the only thing I thought look fake was when they inserted the cgi model into the film.

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    I think it will all be pulled together and will be a great film.It is neat how they can take yoda from what he was in the OTs and bring him to life in the new films. I'm not going to get worried at this point.Just wait and see.
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