I happened to drop by the Rebelscum website and found that they had posted some pictures of the coming summer 2003 sets taken at the German Toy Fair held in Nurnberg that are quite nice and that I thought all you guys wanted to check out so here goes fellow LEGO fan-atics.

Rebelscum front page with the news:


The New LEGO Star Wars Mini Building Sets:


A whole lot of builders and collectors of the LEGO Star Wars line got really excited about the new Mini Building Sets that were released in the January 2003 wave and the summer 2003 wave looks pretty cool and I bet a whole lot of people will be excited with these this summer.

The Republic Gunship, Trade Federation MTT, Millennium Falcon and the Y-Wing Fighter looks quite nice and seems to be quite large with nice packaging as well but the AT-AT is one awful mother of all creations and it’s displayed like it’s taking one big crap at the rebel army.

The New LEGO AT-AT set:


There’s been a whole lot of talk about this set when it was first announced (Read: Leaked) as a whole lot of builders and collectors of the LEGO Star Wars line asked for the release of it for years but I’m not “that” impressed with it as most people seems to be on all the forums.

I’ve read that people thought it was “towering” the AT-TE but ever since I first saw the first so called “leaked” pictures over at the Rebelscum website I figured out by looking at the pictures and counting the “studs” on the plates that it wasn’t to be a gigantic set we’d get.

Even when I look at the new pictures from the German Toy Fair I realize that the AT-AT is quite a juniorized set even if it’s supposed to contain more then 1000 pieces but when one compare it to the AT-TE set it isn’t actually that huge at all except for being much taller.

I know, I know, I know…

It’s being made for and aimed at children and the younger teenagers but after seeing the truly awesome creation that Mr. Shaun Sullivan made of the AT-AT I’ve been kind of spoiled so I guess that The LEGO Group did the best? they could in order to keep the price down for kids.

Since I’m being a completeist when it comes to the LEGO Star Wars line I’m of course going to buy it and add it to my collection but what I’m hoping for before the license expires is a “Ultimate Collector Series” version of the AT-AT as it’d be the center piece of my collection.

Anyway, go look at the pictures people.

Kindest regards,

Lars ”Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.