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    People predicting new sets

    What would happen if Lego designed a new set--most likely a new Mini set--and while the ship's still on the drawing boards, someone custom makes their version of the same ship...exactly the way Lego designed it?

    Like if I were to make a custom Mini of the Naboo starfighter and post pics on the 'net, and it turns out Lego had an official set designed indentically to mine, what would happen? Would Lego go, "Crap! This guy beat us to it!" and not release the set at all?

    Don't ask me why I thought of this; it just popped into my head while looking at some custom Mini sets on the Internet.

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    They'd likely add a small feature or something to differ it. I don't think they really worry about that sort of thing, as there are too many variants when using LEGOs, and they encourage people to build new stuff.
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