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    What's happened to Kool Collectables?

    For those that don't know, this is/was a shop based in the centre of York that also ran a mail-order business.

    I last visited their website now just before Xmas, but now it just shows a couple of black frames! (

    They were always over-priced (pre-order Shuttle 200, anybody?) but were quite good source of older "backlog" figures.

    Maybe R2DToys have put them out of business?!
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    Well i hope that R2DToys have shown them up,their prices were ridiculous, I must admit the site was nicely done and well supportive of all figures but probably mainly due to being so expensive that nothing was sold!! Hee Hee Long live R2DToys...PS i want a Gunship please and they have sold out

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    Re: What's happened to Kool Collectables?

    i think the new animated figs are great

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    Re: What's happened to Kool Collectables?

    Yeah must admit they are cool, When i first saw them i was a bit like yuck Then they grew on me


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