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    Michael Jackson Documentary

    Did anyone in the UK see the documentary about Michael Jackson on Tuesday?

    I thought it was really interesting, and was wondering what peoples opinions are about him after seeing it.

    Before seeing the show, I really didn't know what to think of him, but when I started watching, I thought that he was at first a gentle, loving and very welcoming man, who was just a bit misunderstood. He did start to get stranger as the show went on, and especially as he was feeding his son, "Blanket".

    I don't know what exactly I'm allowed to say on these family forums, but here goes, sorry if I offend anyone:

    When he was asked if he shared his bed with children, he said yes, but not in a sexual way. I think I believe him, and that he just can't see why people think that's wrong, even if he doesn't do anything to them. Also I did think that the person interviewing him was very hard, upfront and unsypathetic with his questioning.

    I just think that he has never really had a proper life, and was never allowed to be a child, which is bound to affect people's perceptions of what is right and wrong.

    All in all, I think that he does have certain mental problems, due to his strange life of being constantly in the limelight, but I don't think he would aver hurt anyone, especially children, he's just over loving, with too much money!

    I think that the programme is being shown in the U.S on Thursday 7th February, don't miss it!
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    That's the impression I've had about "Jacko" for a few years now. I actually bought Moonwalker and all throughout that movie you can see he feels like he's trying to be an uber-kid. With a dad like Joe Jackson and the level of spotlight he had growing up, I guess he could have turned out a LOT worse.

    I intend to watch this special tomorrow.
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    i used to be a huge michael jackson fan, and still like his older music, but only recently did i come to realize how disturbed this guy is. i think my love of his music kinda blinded me to the fact that he probably is a child molester and has serious issues with his race and self image. with his constant cosmetic surgeries and unusual behavior with minor children have just about destroyed his career. only the hard core "cult" type fans remain now.

    what is really disturbing about jackson is that there were actual doctors who were willing to take his money and butcher his face. if he had stopped with the surgeries around 1984 and stayed away from the kids, there is no telling where his career would be now.

    and the fact that he paid off his accusers with a multi-million dollar settlement tends to point towards him being guilty. he most likely got away with it because he's rich and famous. if he were an overweight, middle class fat guy, he'd probably be in prison right now.

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    There is some onus on the authorities to investigate allegations of sexual assault, regardless of whether or not the victim reneges, or even refuses to provide evidence. To think that "he got away with it" because he paid out a settlement might not be exactly right. There couldn't have been enough other evidence to pursue charges or else he would (I hope would, but I suppose it could be should) have wound up in court.

    My personal thoughts on Jacko doing this kind of thing are neutral. I've dealt with numerous child sex offenders, and many of them come off as very masculine - near brutishly masculine in some cases.
    I have never dealt with the stereotypically effeminate child sex offender. Doesn't mean he doesn't do it, but I think he'd have been at least charged by now if he does. It's been talked and joked about for a long time.

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    They showed it in the US last night. He spent $6 Million on a shopping spree?! "I want this one, and this one..." I thought that was pretty disturbing.
    2 nose jobs and no other operations?! Yea right...
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    FOX news reported this morning that Mikes' record sales are up 1000% in the UK and 400% in the U. S.

    I wonder what that says about people in the UK and here in the states.

    I do not own any of his records, nor do I plan on buying any. I liked the Thriller album when I was younger, that's about the extent of it. I never really understood the MEGA Stardom that surrounded him.
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    I feel sorry for the guy now. Had he gotten serious help 20 years ago, he would be normal now. At this point, he's beyond help.

    I feel especially sorry for his kids. He's like a kid with three dolls, not a father with three children. Those three will be severely disturbed when they're older, possibly even worse off than their old man.
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    I have a tape cassette and a poster of Micheal and E.T. holding hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Malakite View Post
    I have a tape cassette and a poster of Micheal and E.T. holding hands.
    Is this still displayed in your room?
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    I was drifting in and out of sleep when this show was on, but there was something that caught my ear even during sleep. Did they really show what Mike would look like today if he hadn't screwed himself up with all the surgery or did I dream that part of the show up?
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