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    The Most sensational, inspirational, celebrational...

    ...Muppetational, This is what we call the Muppet Show!


    I splurged and picked up the two best of DVDs because methinks season sets are a loooong way off. Can anyone direct me to a website (or maybe just answer my questions) about how many episodes there were? For how many seasons?

    The DVDs cracked me up. It was equally joyful and painful to watch Mark Hamill (and his cousin ) hamming it up. I especially liked his impersonations.

    And some of the skits I had clean forgotten about, like "Veterinary Hospital" about a quack that has gone to the dogs...

    Vintage funny stuff from my youth. Between these discs and the new figures coming out, I crave more episodes. Doth our Imperial DVD guru, JJB, knowest whence more DVDs are forthcoming?
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    i really liked that show. animal and beaker were my favorite characters.

    did you see that commercial using the judges form the muppet show? they had someone doing the voices that sounded nothing like the originals. i don't remember what they were selling, but i didn't like it.

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    I bought the Mark Hamill disc as well, and also found myself squirming during some parts.

    I'm not looking to collect all of the discs they release, but I'm definately getting the DVDs with Alice Cooper and Rocky Balboa when they're released.

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    My favorite episode by far is the one with Milton Burle. His "stand up" act with the hecklers is funny EVERY time.

    The Star Wars episode is painful to watch. Dredges up memories of the Christmas Special.

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    Statler and Waldorf were the two best hecklers in the business!!!!!
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    I always liked that insane flasher that threw fish boomerangs!
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    I always like the Swedish schef. Them poor chickens!!!

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    There are many characters on there that were hilarious. The old men I thought were the best. Then Animal, beaker, the chef and lots others. I do not remember the SW episode though. I was really young and vaugly remember any of the guests that were on there.
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    WHat about the fish juggler guy?
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    Re: The Most sensational, inspirational, celebrational...

    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    Between these discs and the new figures coming out, I crave more episodes. Doth our Imperial DVD guru, JJB, knowest whence more DVDs are forthcoming?
    Well, there are quite a few DVD's out, but the newer ones are all Time Life exclusives for a period of time and then they can be released in stores. Like the ones that are out there now.

    The Muppet Show vols. 1-15

    The above link takes you to the Time Life site. You can get all 15 currently available volumes for $149.96. Combine that with the 25% off code(CF25B2) and you can get the set for about $127 shipped!! That works out to around $8.46 each. An awesome deal. I'm not 100% sure that the code is current, but I believe it is.

    Edit: Damn, just checked the code. It is no longer current. I'll see if I can locate a more current code for you.

    Edit 2: Ok, found one that is current. Not sure how much longer it will be though. This is a good deal if you can afford it.

    New 25% Off Code: 3212WEB

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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