I don't know if anyone has noticed, but NBC has turned thier Tuesday nights upside down. MIA are Just Shoot Me, In-Laws, and Hidden Hills. Frasier (a staple) is still there, but a new show AUSA has found it's way on TV. What the heck ??

Just Shoot Me is one of my favorites. I find David Spades brand of comedy very funny. I'm in different to In-Laws, but Hidden Hills was on my list of must see TV. I can't find out any info on this. NBC.com is nice, but doesn't provide any info (other than promotional) for thier shows. TVguid.com has all the listings for a week or so a head of time, but no info.

The only thing that I can figue has changed is American Idol. I suppose this show is very popular, but enough that it pumps 3 out of the 4 shows on NBC Tuesday. ERRRRG!!! I wish I had a little info.

Any help here would be hot!

Thanks guys