I truly believe so, but first...
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Now for the goods!

Darth Vader means Dark Father. We all know that. Who named him that? More importantly, WHY?

It always meant that he was the dark father of Luke, and later we would learn of Leia too. Did he come up with the name Darth Vader? Was he proud that he was a dad, therefore he chose that handle? I think not.

I think when Ani makes the turn to the Dark Side, Palpatine/Sidious give him the title Darth Vader because of the revelation that Anakin HAS a dark father. A mysterious past. We will learn in Episode II that there was a father. Will it be Empire style, and Palpy say that he is Ani's Dad? Maybe. Or possibly a dying Shmi whispers to Anakin with her dying breathes to find his father. Could the father be a Dark Jedi, or one of the Lost 20? Someone of consequence, you would think.

Either way, the name Darth Vader will take greater meaning, and a reverse foreshadowing, in that it pays homage to Anakin's ancestry, not Luke and Leia's father.

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