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  1. #1 know you buy too many toys when...

    while looking for new stuff at toys 'r us, twice this week, two women asked me, "do you work here"! i wasn't even dressed like one of their employees. i was on my lunch break. i guess when some woman sees some dork rummaging thru the 5000 12" mace windus to find the only geonosian warrior, it must look like i'm stocking the store or something, regardless if i'm wearing a red vest or not.

    but i did show one "grandmother" where the star trek stuff is.
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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    glad to see your helping the public! the most reactiopn i get is an odd look when i thumb through the 1000's of figures at the nearest TRU.
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    I get that when I do my DVD shopping, someone is always asking me where somthing is, or when somthing is coming out. Sad part is, most of the time I'm more knowledgable then the people they have working there. But I don't mind, I've been able to use that knowledge to convert a few people to DVD and Widescreen.

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    Outside SSG, banging on the window furiously, yelling "LET ME IN!"
    ...when the monthly grocery bill is $50, and the monthly toy bill is $200.
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    ...When you have to go sleep in another bedroom because there's no room anymore for your bed.

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    ...when your children ask if you're going to Toys R Us for them or for yourself.

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    When your Nephew asks,
    "Uncle Mike, did you sell your star wars toys?"
    "No, Zach. I didn't."
    "Then can we open them?"
    "No, sorry, Zach, I'll buy you some and we can open them."
    "Uncle Mike, why do you buy so man toys?"
    "Zach, I really don't know how to begin to answer that."

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    ...When you have to go sleep in another bedroom because there's no room anymore for your bed.
    I'm there right now too.
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    ...when you move and there are more boxes marked "Star Wars" than there are boxes marked "clothes," "kitchen," "bathroom," etc.

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    It's funny to see my bookshelf become an "action figure" shelf. 3 of the shelf's sections have been jam-packed with figures now, layer by layer, and finally all your "favorites" are now covered by the "new". When you've filled up "all you can", you'd never stop and ask yourself, "Where am I going to put the next figure I buy?" Next thing you know, you come home with one more, and you go, "uh-oh." You end up squeezing them through the smallest gaps, stacking them sideways, and belly-up, and now you can't see them anymore because they're ALL covered up.

    I think i'll go buy one more tomorrow, btw.
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