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    Bush says bodies of our soldiers in Iraq War have to be destroyed - chemical weapons

    My newspaper today reported that Saddam threatened to use biological weapons "of mass destruction" on American ground troops if the U.S. invades Iraq. These are the same weapons he supposedly doesn't have. I guess they can make them really fast then?

    Due to possible contamination, Bush and Rumsfield warned that American soldiers killed in action might have to be burned to ashes on the battlefield where they fall. Bringing the bodies home for burial would put other military personnel at risk, as well as chance bringing diseases back home to the continental United States.

    Population growth in the United States, especially Latino population growth, and especially in California, the San Diego Union Tribune also reported today, is extremely high. The children are given citizenship upon birth on American soil while their parents may be illegal immigrants, or immigrants awaiting naturalization. 2/3 of them are poor, and the rates of their children completing a HIGH SCHOOL education are 3 times worse than those from other ethnic groups and citizenship backgrounds.

    A military draft may be used to maintain a stronger conventional force as a sustained war on perhaps both the Iraqi and North Korean fronts involve us. (Bombers carrying nuclear weapons have been deployed to defend US interests in South Korea and Japan from the North Koreans, while we attack Iraq, should Kim Jung get trigger-happy. North Korea turned on their nuclear power plant yesterday, and it is now capable of supplying their impoverished people with energy and nuclear weapons capable of hitting our before-mentioned allies. Colin Powell labled North Korea a terrorist regime, suddenly and earlier this week).

    American potential soldiers who have traditionally avoided the draft in the past, have shown evidence citing their enrollment in higher education, or provided documentation on why they cannot go to war through private doctors or legal representation. Private doctors and legal representation on such broad issues that affect everyone of draft age, are provided only to people who can afford them.

    (from above) 2/3 of them are poor, and the rates of their children completing a HIGH SCHOOL education are 3 times worse than those from other ethnic groups and citizenship backgrounds.
    Also in today's newspaper, the failing economy is experiencing some DEFLATION. However, a sustained war in Iraq would cause the reverse, inflation, especially on the prices charged by oil and energy companies. Enron, a US energy stock trading company that fell into scandal for false accounting done intentionally for them by Aurther-Anderson Accounting, over-paid executives, and diverted tons of money into the campaign contributions of both Republicans and Democrats upon mass. Vice-President Dick Cheney was heavily involved with energy companies, as is the President's family, as the Bushes' made their family fortune in Texas oil.

    California Governor Gray Davis has sued Texas energy companies who sell power to consumer utility companies (and own power plants) in California for acting in collusion (that is talking to each other about a plan to shut down 1/3 of California's power plants for routine maintainance at the same time) and gouging consumers. My January gas and electric bill was $178 dollars for a 2bdrm / 2bath apartment, single occupant (likely due to heating at night for the most part, this time of year.)
    California was experiencing a budget surplus when these kinds of bills hit citizens here before. Governor Davis opted to use the budget surplus to pay our electric bills, which in the summer of 2001 were closer to $200 a month for a lot of people. We are talking about running airconditioning to maintain a temperature of around 75 in 80-90 average outdoor conditions.

    People who own utility companies and energy companies are usually rich. I didn't find any Star Wars figures today, so I bought 5 utility companies. How about you? I just got word that my check for a few billion dollars didn't clear though - insufficient funds...

    Bush's tax breaks will allow those earning over $300,000 a year to receive a larger tax cut (percentages) than those earning $60,000 a year (that's 2 working parents typically - such as two school teachers, being paid around $30,000 each). Justification for this is, that the those with more disposable income will invest it in growth of their company (new hiring etc), but Bush cannot force them to. New hiring increases production. Of what? Consumer products cannot be bought by the majority of people who have experienced lay-offs, unemployment, and who could shortly feel the cost of energy inflation go up further. Products will be produced to be bought by who? Those new hires at unskilled or even middle-income skilled jobs will have to pay off debt incured in difficult economic times. A 2-income family that totals earnings of $60,000 might be involved in a lawsuit over an auto-accident that settles for several hundred thousand dollars. I think 9-10 people (at least) die in America, every day, due to auto accidents. In tighter economic times, folks still choose to drive without insurance, saying "it won't happen to me." They don't have the income to buy insurance or make payments on it. They can face criminal charges for neglecting to be insured, and face severe civil law suits.

    It could be very difficult in the first place to finance the college education of 3 to 5 children. If they work, your family income might be strong to buy your home out of a dangerous neighborhood, and get auto insurance and security. Why should the kids finish high school, when they can work? College tuition is a remote possibility, English is hard to understand, so loans and scholarships are hard to get.

    Those not able to fund college education, medical release, or legal representation (on ideology, non-violent beliefs, whatever) could be drafted to fight a war against Iraq (and / or North Korea).

    Sadam Hussein pledged to use biological weapons on American soldiers.

    American soldiers killed in action with possible exposure to biological weapons will be burned on the battlefield by our own service personnel, because harmful agents cannot be brought back amongst our troops, or onto American soil.

    A large Latino population born to illegal immigrants are 3 times as likely to not finish their high school education and be able to afford higher education, or learn how to obtain it.
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    Did they have a quotable source about the hussein thing?

    Sounds like an odd comment for the man to make...I know he's insane...but the stupidity of saying you don't have these weapons, then threatening to use them when america attacks...well.......I didn't really think Husseing would be so dumb.

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    What is your point? If that is what has to be done, so be it. It isn't a comforting thought by any means, but I bet you slapped the title of this thread up there because you wanted to make it sound like the President was doing it just to be mean. Ridiculous.

    There has been no official announcement that the draft will come back. I doubt it will. It is funny that you target the latin-american population with this scare tactic. Politicians from both sides are putting extra effort into courting their votes.

    I'm not financially well off by any means, but my family got more than our fair share back in taxes this year. More than last year thanks to the tax package Bush signed into law! So your class warfare B.S. is exactly that. If people make more, they get more back. Nice try though.

    If you earn 60,000 a year, and you don't have auto insurance.....It's probably because you just don't want to pay for it. What the heck was that whole section about? We are supposed to feel sorry for people making far more than my family made last year, while paying our auto insurance!, because they don't pay theirs?????

    Unless you have some reason for posting a topic about what "the President" is going to do with the contaminated bodies of our fallen troops and then including the rest of the propaganda that you did, I will assume that you had nothing substantial to offer about the topic of this discussion, and just wanted to spew forth some spin and liberal rhetoric.
    ubi mel ibi apes

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    I don't make enough money to be a Republican yet...but I'm trying!

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    Why whatever are you saying, JediClint?

    That I was suggesting that rich elites pave the way for their own gains on the backs of the poor and those whose ethnic origins they despise? Wherever did I say that?

    I just reported the facts from several articles and several sections of our conservative, Republican-owned local newspaper here in San Diego. I didn't include events in the sports page, because I didn't see how they were related.

    I am very surprised that you've retorted with accusations about my alleged accusations.

    I think you were suggesting that I thought President Bush was going to kill the children of illegal Mexican immigrants and welfare recipients by sending them off to fight a war for his and his friends' oil in Iraq, and then burn the bodies over there so he doesn't have to risk getting his hands or health soiled by Saddam's bio-weapons of terror he "sometimes" has and sometimes does not have (by last wavering reports by our informant over there, CNN's Mr. Saddam Hussein).

    The newspaper merely stated that a statistically high percentage of immigrants live in neighborhoods plagued by crime, and suggested that the law-abiding majority of them, may not want to live there. With 2 parents working, they possibly can scrape together $60,000 between both of them, but that is also (for comparison) what 2 school teachers make, were they to combine their income. (It's actually closer to $35,000 each now, according to my friend, an elementary school teacher, who is just doing his taxes today).

    Within the limits of a $60,000 annual income, with children, it is very hard to start out by yourself, and put together the down-payment and capital to buy a house, especially in Southern California, where many immigrants go because they seek out others of their nationality to help employ them (so moving away is more difficult when they don't speak English), and they might make choices, such as to not insure their cars, to gamble that they can get ahead in life and leave their neighborhoods they first can afford, before their children are shot to death in gang violence.

    I think you have suggested that I was saying Bush is offerering them the opportunity to get their money for college if they risk being shot to death by Iraqi violence -or fumagated, acidically burned beyond recognition, or having their internal organs liquify, or even damaged just enough that their children will have birth defects and thus be possibly unable to support themselves or reproduce their entire adult life. But for this reason, are you alledging that our great President will volunteer to order someone else to do the sad duty of burning their bodies into ashes with a flamethrower perhaps, so that they can continue to protect our great nation as little particles of something that doesn't matter so much as our energy company oil rights?

    I'm sorry. I must have missed where I implied that when I was stating some facts.

    When your family got back more than your fair share of taxes, did you hire a poor person? If you made more, got back more, did you need it more than a poor person? You weren't living with your entire extended family for 365 plus days before your tax return, were you? I hope you managed to save some for your kids' college education, unless you feel it's practical to buy Junior a handgun so he can live to graduate high school first?

    I don't make more than $60,000 a year by the way, and I do pay for auto insurance. I'd like to be a homeowner though, but I will have to make more money first since homes here cost an average of $320,000, but I have not picked up extra expenses with a wife or children yet.
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    I'm suggesting that you spill out baseless accusations as a way of propping up your point of view. How did you come to the conclusion that burning contaminated corpses amounted to hiding the dead soldiers? Are you going to tell me that we can't get our hands on an accurate account of the soldiers lost in battle?

    Just got my refund. I'll probably spend it so that the people in my community can make some money, then your tax and spend friends can try and rob them of the money they earned.

    I weep for the 60000 bread winner who can't afford auto insurance.

    There are houses that cost less than 320000 dollars.

    There are people who make less than 25000, pay their house payments, pay their car insurance, pay their bills, take care of their children, and afford all the other little expenses life can throw their way because they work for what they want, and they make good decisions.

    "Junior" might have to take out a student loan and pay it back the way his folks did. I don't hate people who are more well to do than myself. I guess we differ there.
    ubi mel ibi apes

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    Tycho is funny.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Originally posted by Quite-Long Dong
    Tycho is funny.
    Yes, Tycho IS funny. As a matter of fact, I really like Tycho. Tycho has some humorous views on relationships and the like, and some decent taste in music. However, Tycho has a dark side. He's an obscenely liberal Democrat. Obscenely liberal Democrats blame the government and the rich for the problems and dysfunctions of the uneducated poor. In our great land of opportunity, obscenely liberal Democrats can't see beyond the free ride. Obscenely liberal Democrats need to remember that Bush's tax cuts will affect every income level....yet they also need to understand that their (or whomever's) income tax bracket is not my problem. They need to understand that if someone is successful by his own right, he shouldn't be punished by having to support the lazy, criminal-minded, or down-right stupid. Instead of expecting Mr. Bush to solve their financial problems, perhaps they should stop spending so much time on the computer writing five page essays on SirSteve's and should pick up a shovel. Stock a grocery, wait a table, hammer a nail, or get a law degree....I don't care...just stop blaming "the man for holdin' ya down" while the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer". Grow up. We're tired of the lazy man's cliches. No one's listening, ok? Yeah..I know...damn capitalists! I've said it a thousand times. No one EVER gave me a damn thing. I started my business with a crappy little pick-up truck and a push-mower. I spent many a nights on friend's couches, eating raman noodles, and borrowing $20 from girlfriends. Now, I have zero debt (except a new 2002 Silverado) and grossed over $79,000 in 2002. My goal is the $90,000-$100,000 range in 2003. I'll do so by advertising, working more hours...even more Sundays if need be, increasing my rates, and hiring more employees (whom, ironically enough, are Mexican. One of them just finished a total renovation on his house in Mexico to the tune of about $6,000. Another one just bought his wife a $500 chain/pendant for Valentine's Day. I don't jerk my guys around. They are hard workers, so they are well paid. Yet, they could give a rat's arse about learning English. They don't care about Super Bowls, Pete Townshend, or exploding space shuttles. They care only about dinero, dinero, dinero....sending it home so they can chill for a few years when they get back. Car insurance? Tax relief? LOL... ... They don't care!.....but if they did....they are in a country filled with opportunity if your willing to WORK for it....willing to EDUCATE yourself.....but I digress). Basically, I will EARN my money this year, not stand around with my hand out so Clinton and his cronies can hand out welfare checks to pregnant crack smokers who bum smokes off me all day while I'm working. You gotta love the obscenely liberal Democrat. They blame Dubya (or whomever the Republican in office is at the time) for unaffordable insurance, for example. Obscenely liberal Democrats don't accept the fact that frivolous lawsuits are the driving factor behind insurance rates. I'm going to tell all obscenely liberal Democrats a story: Ten months ago, I was putting out pinestraw at an apartment complex. Simple enough, right? Right. Then, around 5 o'clock, a group of kids ran up and started jumping on my trailer, and trying to take equipment (like a chainsaw) out of my truck. I ran down the hill, followed by two employees, and told the little brats to hit the road. They'd walk away, then as I would walk away, would turn around and rush my trailer....jumping up and down and saying, "Com'on, man, gimme a ride". Finally, I verbally laid into them, and they took off. I told my guys to keep working, and that I was going up to the office to report the incident to the property manager. I got in the truck, turned around in the cul-de-sac, and started to drive to the office. Suddenly, the kids ran out from behind some trees and tried to jump on my trailer while I WAS MOVING at about 10 mph. One kid, a four-year old, slams his face on the trailer, and, of course, gets a nice laceration on the side of his head. There's cops, ambulances, helicopters (no kidding), blah, blah, blah. Kid gets out of hospital only four hours after the stitches...only a bandage, blah, blah, blah. Dad....who wasn't supervising brat at the time, blah, blah, blah, now suing me (therefore my insurance co.) for $50,000 and the apartment complex (therefore their insurance co.) for $800,000 because he might have a scar on his unsupervised head (the kid is absolutley okay and looks fine). Oh, by the way....I didn't get a ticket because I wasn't liable, right? Of course. However, Super Dad says it's because I was white....and the cop was therefore it was a race thing. He contacted the NAACP, who in turn contacted the police department, who in turn had me being questioned by a CRIMINAL investigator three days later. Aaaaaaanyway, I'm going to insist my insurance co. settle the case (don't get me started on "Why"). It will mean an increase in mine AND your (so to speak) insurance premiums. Super Dad will buy a new Cadillac and an insurance policy he couldn't afford before the accident because he couldn't get his fat a** off the couch to watch his kid, MUCH LESS GET A JOB! The obscenely liberal Democrat will blame Big Government for the next minority who can't afford insurance....when we all know the problem is Super Dad, don't we?......and the cycle continues. What the obscenely liberal Democrat needs to know is that the problems start in THEIR house, not the White House. I know several kids whom I could hand a pistol who wouldn't turn around and shoot up his school. Don't blame the NRA because your brat is crying out for attention. Don't expect me to open my wallet because you or your kid was too stoned to use protection and squirted out yet ANOTHER unwanted kid that you can't afford. Oh...that's right....I's the GOVERNMENT'S responsibility to raise the kid. Lucky you! Hey, obsenely liberal Democrats....we're finally going to see some tax relief for small business. Oh, you don't have a small business? TOUGH, I do. Hey, obsenely liberal Democrats....we could see cuts (and hopefully the elimination of tax) on stock dividends. Oh, you don't have stock in a company? TOUGH, I do. Why should I suffer because the obscenely liberal Democrats won't read a tiny book on investing, but can tell you every lyric on a Tupac CD. Bah! Why am I wasting my time. The obscenely liberal Democrats are set in their ways as much as I am in mine. Hey, that's what makes this country so great. When Bush took office, they shrieked "God help us!", and I screamed "Thank God!".....Diversity in's a beautiful thing. It also reminds me of an old joke.

    A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person.

    The Republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

    The Democrat was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person, he decided to help. He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. He then reached into the Republican's pocket and gave him fifty dollars.


    Oh, as for the soldier issue, let's pray that we don't have to make a decision like that. However, if it did happen, we would need to be realistic about how to safely and logically handle (or dispose of) the remains. Either way, what's your point?
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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    I don't hate people who are more well to do than myself.
    Bingo, Jedi Clint! You have just described the absolute essense of the Democratic party!

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    It's not something I had thought of before, but I see why it might be impossible to bring the bodies back to the soldiers' families.

    I hate to pose a morbid question, but I genuinely wonder - how would they be able to cremate fallen soldiers? Am I mistaken in thinking it takes thousands of degrees to cremate a body?
    Jeez, the thought of mobile crematoriums . . .


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