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    TMNT Season 3 - Episode Guide & Reminder!!

    Since these just went up on the official site, I figured I'd take a chance to remind those that enjoy the show that new episodes begin tommorow morning on the Fox Box. And that after the last three episodes from Season 2 air, Season 3 will start on the following week.

    EPISODE 53- "The Christmas Aliens"

    It's Christmas time in the city. A number of guests have been invited to the lair for a big holiday feast. But, where's Michelangelo? Well, he's out playing Santa Claus... a butt-kicking, hard-driving Santa who's trying to save a truckload of toys destined for an orphanage from the hands of some bloodthirsty thieves. The only problem is, who's going to save Mikey from the bloodthirsty thieves?
    (NOTE TO ALL TURTLE-HEADS: This episode will air during the holiday season and will not lead off season three).

    EPISODE 54-"Space Invaders" Part One

    Guess who's comin' to Earth? Well, I'll give you a hint: they're big, they're bad, and they've got three horns on their heads! And they've come to Earth looking for a certain robotic fugitive! Unfortunately, no one on Earth knows what the heck the big horn heads are talking about! Meanwhile, the boys must save their captured friends from the possibility of a mind-destroying alien brain-scan! Overall, things aren't looking too promising for our hapless heroes... or the human race!

    EPISODE 55- "Space Invaders" Part Two

    The Turtles have managed to save some innocent bystanders, but it's cost them one of their own! As ruthless Prime Leader Zanramon prepares to interrogate his new Turtle prisoner with the fearsome mind-ripping alien brain scanner, the remaining brothers have to find a way to infiltrate the Triceraton Homeworld and mount a daring outer-space rescue mission. Can you say "impossible task"?

    EPISODE 56- "Space Invaders" Part Three

    Searching for their captured brother, the Turtles sneak their way into Republic Central, the hub of the Triceraton Homeworld... and run into some unexpected allies! The Triceratons, meanwhile, have set a new ultimatum to the people of Earth: deliver the Fugitoid in one hour or the entire island of Manhattan will be ripped free from the planet and taken apart bit by bit. Will our heroes bust their brother out? And if they do, will there be a home left for them to return to?

    EPISODE 57- "Worlds Collide" Part One

    Our out-of-this-world heroes return from their spacefaring adventure only to find another intergalactic visitor awaiting their return. And he's unwittingly brought trouble along with him! Normally the Turtles would be happy to see him, but this time... well, his timing stinks! Now, before the exiting Triceratons' realize who's come back, the Turtles must play "hide-the-space-guest", and it promises to be a very deadly game.

    EPISODE 58- "Worlds Collide" Part Two

    Just when our four Turtles thought they had fooled the Triceratons and disguised their surprise space guest, they find themselves captives of the sinister Agent Bishop, who has his own mysterious agenda. Meanwhile, with his sons missing, Master Splinter quickly assembles what allies he can gather into a makeshift commando rescue squad! It's time to kick butt... Splinter style!

    EPISODE 59- "Worlds Collide" Part Three

    At a secret government military base, the Turtles and company learn that
    there's more to Agent Bishop than meets the eye. To make matters worse, it seems that Bishop has allied himself with another major player in intergalactic affairs. Amidst space battles, computer viruses and a major rebellion, the Turtles just may have found a way to put and end to these crazy star wars. There is, however, a terrible price to pay...!

    EPISODE 60- "Touch and Go"

    The Turtles find that adjusting to their post-invasion lives might be harder than they thought. They've a new houseguest to contend with, the city is a shambles, strewn with dangerous debris and arms from various alien battles, and a deadly arch enemy has found his way back to the Big Apple, intent on gathering up as much of the wrecked alien technology as possible. To make sure our green heroes don't compromise his new NYC operations, a pair of super-powered hitmen has been hired to take care of the "Turtle problem" once and for all.

    EPISODE 61- "Hunted"

    There's a world-renowned big game trophy hunter stalking the New York City sewers, and he's got his sights set on one of the Turtles pals. Can the turtles get their large and scaly friend to safety before they become prey as well? Not if the ol' Turtle luck runs true to form!

    EPISODE 62- "H.A.T.E."

    Our heroes return to Casey's grandmother's farmhouse for some much needed R&R... which is quickly cut short by two surprise encounters: 1) Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael come across a band of crazed, heavily armed, bomb-making, alien-hating survivalists, and 2) Casey's Mom pays an unexpected visit to the farmhouse. It's a toss-up as to which is the more perilous encounter!

    EPISODE 63- "Nobody's Fool"

    When Michelangelo and Leonardo are out getting a little night air, they cross paths with a caped crusader who ends up saving their lives. By way of saying "thanks," Leo and Mikey decide to aid the dark avenger on his mission. Okay, well, actually, Mikey decides... you know how he gets around super heroes...!

    EPISODE 64- "The New Guard"

    While attempting to stop an alien technology salvage operation being conducted by one of their enemies, the Turtles soon find themselves facing off against three brand new (yet strangely familiar-looking) powerful mechanoid warriors!

    EPISODE 65- "The Lesson"

    When April asks the Turtles to help her perfect her ninjitsu skills (she's been training with Master Splinter), the Turtles are reluctant to do so. When April insists on a reason, they recount a story of how once, when they were just turtle-tots themselves, they tried to take a "student" under their wing. Sometimes the wrong teacher can be worse than no teacher at all!

    EPISODE 66- "The Darkness Within"

    When Angel's brother disappears in the Wall Street area, the Turtles jump to help her. Turns out that as a result of all the destruction from the invasion, an ancient evil has once again been stirred -- a nightmare creature that lures its prey with promises of great wealth and power. How can Ninja Turtles battle an immortal horror... especially when it gets inside your mind and destroys from within?

    EPISODE 67-"Mission of Gravity"

    As a byproduct of the Triceraton Invasion, the city of Beijing still houses a powerful Triceraton Antigravity Generator. Now, some very bad characters want that generator... no matter what the cost. Oh, did I mention that the city is floating high above the Earth in geosynchronous orbit, and that removing said generator will probably send it crashing back down to terra firma? If removing the generator means destroying the city... well, that's the Turtles' problem.

    EPISODE 68- "The Entity Below"

    The Entity and his kind are awakened through a rare planetary alignment that reenergizes their subterranean Crystal Moon. Now the Turtles have an opportunity to finally learn the truth about the underground world... provided they can stay alive long enough to hear it!

    EPISODE 69- "Time Travails"

    The Turtles get sucked into a time travel misadventure when the ditzy Apprentice Timestress known as Renet "borrows" the Time Sceptre from her boss, Lord Simultaneous. Renet accidentally transports them all into the past, where they must fight to escape the clutches of an evil sorcerer and his mysterious familiar... someone we've met before...

    EPISODE 70- "Hun on the Run"

    Hun is on a mission -- a matter of life and death! He must save a hated rival from the clutches of a common enemy. But another party seeks to avenge himself on Hun by adding the Turtles into the mix, thereby sabotaging the mission so that Hun won't make it back alive. Do the Turtles really need this headache?

    EPISODE 71-"Reality Check"

    A dreaded enemy from another dimension makes a surprising return, sending our four heroes spinning in different directions across multidimensional time and space! Separated from his family and his world, in what should be his superhero dream come true -- but which turns out to be a nightmare -- how the shell will Michelangeo ever make it back home?

    EPISODE 72-"Across the Universe"

    A dreaded enemy from another dimension makes a surprising return, sending our four heroes spinning in different directions across multidimensional time and space! Separated from his family and his world, forced by circumstance to become a wild and crazy Planet Racer, how the shell will Raphael ever make it back home?

    EPISODE 73- "Same As It Never Was"

    A dreaded enemy from another dimension makes a surprising return, sending our four heroes spinning in different directions across multidimensional time and space! Separated from his family and his world, trapped in a grim, dystopian alternate reality, how the shell will Donatello ever make it back home?

    EPISODE 74- "The Real World" Part One

    A dreaded enemy from another dimension makes a surprising return, sending our four heroes spinning in different directions across multidimensional time and space! Separated from his family and his world, lost and surrounded by enemies in a realm which under different circumstances he could gladly call home, how the shell will Leo ever make it back home?

    EPISODE 75- "The Real World" Part Two

    Leonardo and a familiar ally arrive in the Battle Nexus hoping that perhaps the honorable Daimyo can help reunite him with his family. But not only does the Daimyo refuse to aid Leo, he has him imprisoned! It looks as if all hope is lost!

    EPISODE 76-"Bishop's Gambit"

    Bad boy Bishop is back and making his move. His research demands a mutated specimen with DNA closer to human DNA than the samples he extracted from our four green heroes. A mutated RAT would fit the bill perfectly! With it, he can finally create his genetically enhanced super soldiers. Can the Turtles stop Bishop before he succeeds and destroys Master Splinter in the process?

    EPISODE 77- "Exodus" Part One

    Master Splinter receives a disturbing vision... a vision of his Master Yoshi... and with it an urgent mission. Oroku Saki is up to something... and he MUST BE STOPPED! Time is of the essence. With his sons at his side, they will find a way stop the Shredder once and for all... or die trying!

    EPISODE 78- "Exodus" Part Two

    This is it! This is the episode that tells once and for all the final fate of Oroku Saki, the Shredder! It's all-out kick-butt ninja action to the extreme! Boy, are you guys gonna be ****ed if, due to scheduling decisions beyond our control, it doesn't air until next season!
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    Re: TMNT Season 3 - Episode Guide & Reminder!!

    Man, with all the Mirage-esque stories, I wonder why they can't find space for a time-travelling tale of Savanti Romero.
    That's my jacket!


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