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    Yea wasnt that grad student on one of the coasts??? Was it the east coast or west...I forget.

    I think you forget to mention the accessory pack...

    You can also get birkenstocks, heavy wool socks, a denim bucket hat, and a hemp and beaded necklass...

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    Re: New finds in Iraq

    really there SW figs here

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    I just found two muscle-bound 1995 POTF2 Obi-Wans with long tray, super-short saber, and full-body image on the orange card at the Wal-Mart on Al-Jahnkovek Street in Baghdad! They look like they've been bombed a few times, and there's some sand damage, but, man, these things are rare!

    I'll trade one for the new Carrie Underwood CD, if anyone's interested.
    That's my jacket!

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    This thread was a lost gem, I thought it was closed. Good find Chux.

    I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy named Mustafa Rodup-M'Popour who can get you the Arabic carded POTF2 R5-D4 improvised explosive device variation...instead of firing a rocket like in the Western version, he explodes when a landspeeder drives by. There is also a chance he can get the Episode 1 suicide bomber Ani.
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    I've been looking for three years, and I still haven't found the WMD accessory pack. Maybe the toy store clerk was really telling the truth after all, and they never had any at all . . .
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