I have no idea why I just thought of this but I was just thinking:

We all know that when batman was first created his 'crime fighting days' age was about 25-32! somewhere in that range I don't know exactly, I'm sure someone out there does, but that's not the point! Then came the boy wonder: 'Robin' aka Dick Greyson who became Nightwing. yadda yadda yadda, Yeah I know you know the whole story. So what now, I think were up to 3 Robins total...maybe 4? The point is' now that Nightwing is in that 25-32 range age-wise, how the hell does DC justify that Batman is still going around at the sum age of 50-64 kickin' bad guys butts!
I know there's been 'Elseworld' storylines making him older and there's that new WB batman where Bruce Wayne is about 70, but I'm talking about the regular Batman comic book series and current DC pantheon of heros life stories that all tye-in! I mean if he's gone through 3 robins atleast, and met each of them when they were about 10, then he has got to be atleast 50! Not saying that at the age of 50 people just become useless or anything but come on? he's 50? atleast!

What do you guys say to that? Help me out too, 'cause I haven't bought a comic in about a year and 1/2, so I have no idea what's going on anyways! I think the last DC comic I got was GL # 70-something! I think Kyle was about to become that 'Ion' dude err something, and the JLA had just picked new members!