I just found the 2-disc GIJoe Original Mini-Series DVD at Wal-Mart, which isn't supposed to be released until Tuesday. (I love when that kinda thing happens to me. ) I picked it up, knowing nothing about it, but planning to check and see if it's a decent buy and return it if necessary. (Turns out after a very quick search on amazon.com, I paid $10 more than I should have and will definitely be taking the unopened one back in the next day or so.)

Here's my question: I've heard that season boxes will be released at some point in 2003. Is this a precursor, not to be included in the seasonal box set? (I honestly can't remember from twenty years ago if these mini-series were considered part of the first season or not.) Or is it a cheap stab at those of us who have been waiting for GIJoe DVD's for years, hoping to get us to buy them and kick ourselves when a Season One box comes out a few months later?

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