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    The Six Bounty Hunters: who has them?

    I was just wondering who has assembled the 12" set of 6 bounty hunters: Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and Dengar. In addition, which is your favorite out of the six?

    I have the electronic Fett, Bossk, Zuckuss, and Dengar. Hopefully I'll snag an IG-88 off EBay within the next few months. I have come across 4-LOM recently, but could not bring myself to shell out the $10 he'd been marked down to in order to add him to my 12" collection.

    Hasbro seems to have done a very good job with these guys, except for poor old 4-LOM. The ones I have display very well.

    Fett and Zuckuss tie for first place with me. Bossk barely edges out Dengar for second. IG-88 is supposed to be very nice, but since I don't have him yet I can't rate him.
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    That's 6 bounty hunters.

    I passed on 4-LOM and am now looking for a good deal on ebay. I never got a Fett. I have the other four, and Bossk is my favorite.

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    Thanks, vadersfist. I'll use my fingers next time...

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    I have all 6 displayed similar to the ESB scene. I use the electronic Boba also instead of the CS one, and I'd say he is my fave with IG-88 and Dengar 2nd.

    Getting IG-88 off eBay shouldn't be to hard. I've seen him go for as little as 8 bucks non mint box or loose.

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    Yeah, I got my IG88 off ebay for $12, well worth it as this is one kick-*** figure with surprisingly great articulation. His legs extend, so he's way taller than the others too.

    Oh yeah, I have the 6 setup like they were in ESB (w/elec Boba) too. It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but Bossk would probably be the one. Just an awesome figure with great attention to detail. 4-Lom is definitely the worst, but you gotta have him to complete the set. I paid $10 for mine at Frank-n-Sons.

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    I have the complete 6 as well but haven't set them up as in ESB yet. That would require a reorganization of my shelves and I haven't been up to that recently.

    Of the 6 I think Bossk is my favorite followed closely by IG-88.
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    The bounty hunters have always been my favorite. I've got all 6, and fett & bossk were always my favs. After getting the 12" versions, however, I was really impressed with Zuckuss & Dengar. The IG-88 was surprising, also, and the details on Bossk are amazing -- I just wish he was a little taller.

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    Being a Fett fan it kills me to say this. . .

    Of the six 12" figures. . . I feel Fett, and 4-LOM are the worst. 4-LOM is pretty plain to begin with, so you can't expect much, but Fett. You can tell it was an early release in the line because the quality isn't at the same level as the other bounty hunters are. Bossk is great looking, from the outfit to the sculpt. IG-88 is also wonderful, and the extendable legs make him tower over all the others like he should. The last two. . . Dengar and Zuckuss are also wonderful sculpts. If you are looking for a really good diaroma of the six, I would try to get your hands on a Marmit Boba Fett. It is much more acurate, and looks 10 times better than the original 'Collector's Series' release. Sucks that it is so pricey. . . but it is miles ahead of the other versions of Fett.
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    Yeah man, I really want one of those Marmits... But I KNOW once I shell out the $150.00 for it, Hasbro will release an "Ultimate Boba Fett" (like the Ult Jango Fett).

    I have seen some really nice customs, where ppl used parts from 12' Boba & repainted Ult Jango armor/gauntlets on ebay. These were pretty nice too, but as good customs go, they can get pretty expensive as well.

    C'mon Hasbro, give us an Ultimate Boba Fett already!!!!

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    Originally posted by jpak001
    [B]Yeah man, I really want one of those Marmits... But I KNOW once I shell out the $150.00 for it, Hasbro will release an "Ultimate Boba Fett" (like the Ult Jango Fett).
    Exactly. I'm holding out...


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