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    Smile How long till wave 4?

    Its 'almost' mid february, ish, sort of

    How much longer must they make us wait, anyone else got these on pre-order? Anyone else feeling the pain of waiting

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    yeah, I'm going crazy with anticipation. It's only going to get worse when people start reporting that they have theirs and I can't find any
    But I don't want the new slave I and I'm sure about the other one so I didn't order them, I'm just going to find thm at retail. Hopefully sooner, rather than later
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    I envy you guys for being able to find them directly in the stores. But thanks to a good friend of mine i hope to have them as soon as they are released.
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    Theres no other option in the uk other than to order them from the states, we still don't have the last wave in main stores. God knows when they'll arrive.

    11th today, after the 15th I'm going to get gradually more excited

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    I pre-ordered mine from ActionFigureExpress. They have a really good price (for an online retailer) if you pre-order a full case. I don't wan't to take any chances with wave 4. The Republic Gunship is my favorite Star Wars vehicle ever and I want to make sure I get one. I've only seen one ship from wave 3, a Snowspeeder, on the shelves and it got me concerned.

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    Ordered mine from D&S, was originally going to buy from entertainment earth, till I saw the prices, complete rip off imho.

    Will buy another couple of gunships and troop ships when they find their way over to these shores probably, but aslong as I have at least one set, I'm happy.

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    I still haven't seen the repainted Snowspeeder, so I have nary a clue. Hasbro feels they might be already out I think, but take that with a grain since Jan/Feb are terrible months for new toys due to poor sales and retailers holding their breath for Toy Fair.
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    I have pre-ordered mine at D&S with some MM, and Dave Roberts replies that it not be in until middle of March.

    So, still one month to wait !
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    Or was meant to read 'might not be in till middle of march' ???

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    to be exact : "The Deluxe will not be in until middle of March."

    so, March !
    Olivier Cabourdin
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