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    Originally posted by James Boba Fettfield
    What have I unleashed.....
    The Tycho of Video Games baby. The Tycho of Video Games.
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    Originally posted by stillakid
    Has there been any "elaboration" on the "sports bar" type things we saw in the Coruscant bar in AOTC? I recall a screen with some little droids running about and maybe another one where droids were racing or something. Maybe something along those lines?

    There is a name for that sport in the books, I just can't recall it at the moment. Usually it comes up when Han is bored, or they are in a bar.
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    Originally posted by James Boba Fettfield
    What have I unleashed.....
    I don't know, but put it back in!!!

    I was thinking more along the lines of Bloodsport when I posted it. Last time I try to make a Jean Claude Van Damm refernece. I never liked his movies anyway.
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    Originally posted by Lord_Malakite
    That maybe true that it is a sport in the SW Universe JBF, but from the video game standpoint thats not how it is classified.

    Genre and the Video Game
    Chapter 6 of The Medium of the Video Game, by Mark J. P. Wolf

    ....etc etc etc
    I sure hope that was a lot of cut and paste work there. Yikes!


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