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    Anybody want a Hammerhead, Snaggletooth and a Power Droid?

    I think they all would make swell 12 inch figures.

    They also represent the only "Hole" preventing us collectors from owning 12 inch versions of each of the original 21 vintage 3 3/4" figures that made up the Classic Star Wars line.

    The following have all been done.

    1) C3-PO
    2) Chewbacca
    3) Darth Vader
    4) Death Squad Commander
    5) Death Star Droid (although the color is of a different model)
    6) Greedo
    7) Han Solo
    8) Jawa
    9) Leia (Classic)
    10) Luke (Tattoine)
    11) Luke (X-wing pilot)
    12) Obiwan Kenobi
    13) R2-D2
    14) R5-D4
    15) Sand People
    16) Storm Trooper
    17) Walrus Man

    and of course . . . the ESB preview figure

    18) Boba Fett

    Isn't it time we get the FINAL THREE? Plus they'd all be such cool figures! Two Classic Aliens and a nifty old Droid. All would surely be way cooler than the Death Squad Commander in my opinion . . .

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