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    Anybody want a Hammerhead, Snaggletooth and a Power Droid?

    I think they all would make swell 12 inch figures.

    They also represent the only "Hole" preventing us collectors from owning 12 inch versions of each of the original 21 vintage 3 3/4" figures that made up the Classic Star Wars line.

    The following have all been done.

    1) C3-PO
    2) Chewbacca
    3) Darth Vader
    4) Death Squad Commander
    5) Death Star Droid (although the color is of a different model)
    6) Greedo
    7) Han Solo
    8) Jawa
    9) Leia (Classic)
    10) Luke (Tattoine)
    11) Luke (X-wing pilot)
    12) Obiwan Kenobi
    13) R2-D2
    14) R5-D4
    15) Sand People
    16) Storm Trooper
    17) Walrus Man

    and of course . . . the ESB preview figure

    18) Boba Fett

    Isn't it time we get the FINAL THREE? Plus they'd all be such cool figures! Two Classic Aliens and a nifty old Droid. All would surely be way cooler than the Death Squad Commander in my opinion . . .

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    I like the theme of having the orginal 21 figures in 12" That would make for a cool picture.
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    I totally agree with you!!! Can you imagine how cool Hammerhead would be, looming up among the other 12inchers? (Provided he was given a decent sculpt, of course.)

    Snaggletooth would be perfectly hideous, if done right.

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    I'd love a Gonk droid! It would be cool if it were electronic and made his trademark sound.

    HH would be cool too, although I'm not too interested in Snaggletooth (I would buy him if he were made though).
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    21 12" 2112, tomorrow is 2 11 2003 Rush releases a greatest hits package on 2/11/2003. Is it coincedence that I am both a fan of Star Wars and of Rush?
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    Hammerhead and Snaggletooth (Zutton style) are on the top of my 12" want list. I love the aliens. I'd skip the gonk.

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    skip on Gonk? no way.. he is a must...
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    Hell yeah! I'll take Gonk.

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    I agree. Over at they're asking for Wishlist 2004 submissions for your top 5 most-wanted , and so I sent in the following:

    1) 12" Hammerhead
    2) 12" Snaggletooth
    3) 12" Gonk/Power Droid and Jawa (new sculp) 2-pack exclusive
    4) 12" Aunt Beru/Uncle Owen 2-pack exclusive
    5) 12" FX7/21B 2-pack exclusive

    I think everyone reading this should submit their requests too. Maybe then we'll get our 3 missing 12 inchers from the original 21 small figures!


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    Yes, and then yes again, by the way did I say yesssss!
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.


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