View Poll Results: When did you first start Collecting Star Wars?

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  • In the 1970's (right after it all began)

    305 50.50%
  • In the 1980's (Empire Strikes Back / ROTJ era)

    90 14.90%
  • 1995 -1996 (at the start of the renaissance - red cards)

    149 24.67%
  • During the release of the Classic Special Editions (green cards)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Phantom Menace (2nd red card run)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Power of the Jedi (2nd green card run)

    3 0.50%
  • with Attack of the Clones (blue cards)

    1 0.17%
  • other

    10 1.66%
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    I was born in the late 70's so I am an 80's kid. I owned lots of ESB and ROTJ when I was young. But when I moved, all the toys were lost as I was left with 2 figures , Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader, both with their blades and vinyl capes missing.

    So when POTF2 resurfaced in 1995, I became a carded collector, and when the FF figures were out, I was obsessed! I found the sculpts amazingly detailed and accurate. Finally, I totally loved my favorite line, Power of the Jedi, which is a collector's dream come true.

    Today, I'm still kicking in high gear in Star Wars collecting, but sometimes grow tired of Hasbro's decisions. But overall, Hasbro/Kenner was the company that set the standard for action figures, and made Star Wars the huge success that it is today.

    Way to go!
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    In the 70's...Shortly after it all began

    I think you could really say that I backed into Star Wars. When the movie came out in '77, I was a 7 year old kid who thought the world revolved around the Six Million Dollar Man. So, by and large, SW came and went without a blip on my radar screen.

    Then, in September of that year we moved from Tupelo, MS to Indianapolis. The elementary I started going to was Star Wars central. EVERYBODY had Star Wars stuff, and I do mean everybody. Even our art teacher had the Burger Chef posters up.

    So, in an attempt to fit in, I started getting the cards and trying to read my brother's copy of the book. The problem with seeing the movie was that it had only played in one theatre, and it was way on the other side of town. So, I looked long and hard at the two sets of cards that I had, trying to piece the events together, until finally my mother broke down and took us to see it in mid-October. And I have not been the same since.

    It seems like the first figure that I got was Chewbacca and then R2-D2. I finally got the Luke figure in '78 for Easter.

    So, I am not an original Star Wars fan, but I got in soon after, and have been firmly on board ever since.

    One final note, my son was born in April of '98, and when Episode One came out in '99, my wife was still having problems with leaving him (firstborn and all) so three weeks passed before I got out to see it. Much like in '77, I spent those weeks piecing together just enough of the plot so that I would know what was going on, but not too much as to ruin the surprise.
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    I started at 6 yrs of age in 1978. The ads for the toys hooked me. I had a few toys and had read the picture story books as well as the novelization of Star Wars (in grade one - point of pride) before seeing the movie for the first time with my dad.

    My first figure was Luke. He was lonely on my dresser for a few weeks until my younger brother was the lucky recipient of Darth Vader. Chewie was third, that's as far as I can recall. I do remember getting Han and Leia in my stocking that Christmas, as well as the Landspeeder, XWing and Falcon. My best Christmas ever - well until I had my own kids anyway. It really has been part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember.

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    My brother got the first set of figures. Not sure if my folks got him the early bird package or not. I was only 3 when he had his first figures so I couldn't touch them. He was very careful with them. Finally around 1979 he let me play with them, but only in his room and only when he was there.
    After a year of knocking on his door and after the release of Empire I "inherited" his New Hope toys and I added to them with Empire toys. I expanded the collection buying every new figure I could find from then on. I bought multiple stormtroopers, hoth rebels and stormtroopers etc... anything that made sense to have many of. I avoided the R2 with pop up lightsaber, and to this day that remains the only vintage figure I do not have in my collection (anyone out there looking to off-load one)... at that time how many R2's did you want?
    I remember finding the POTF figures for 50 cents at TRU in '85 or early '86. I dug through them looking for figures I did not have. Little did I know the value of those figures on their cards (or off for that matter) in 20 years. Damn me for not being able to predict the future when I was 10.

    With the new figures I am on the ball. However, I wish they would stop making the same damn figure over and over. Make one han that has the Endor bombs, stormtrooper belt, quick draw action, jointed knees etc... we don't need one for each feature (take the 100th 12 inch figure as a guide). Hey, why not make an endor han with AT-ST driver helmet? (that one I would buy, because I buy them all)... I don't drink much, and I don't smoke so I feel I'm allowed this habit.

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    I was born in August, '77. I don't remember exactly when I got my first figures, but I think I was maybe 2 or 3. They were Luke, Chewie, R2 and 3PO. Those are the first toys that I remember, and it just went on from there. I played with them all as a kid. I have distint memories of playing with the Millennium Falcon and all my figures. Those old figures are pretty worn, and I lost most of the accessories, and a few of the figures themselves, but I still have most of them, including three the first four (I lost the Luke at some point ) But I still do have most of them. The collection just grew from there, and is still growing, and now includes the action figures and a multitude of other memorabelia.

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    I've got you all beat...I just turned 50...I guess I was about 24 when I started collecting, and I'm still going strong. I have all original figures loose, including Yak-face, with all accessories intact. Even back then we opened them. I maybe only have 6 or 7 in original packages. My first figures were Luke & Darth Vader. Now my 6-year old is into it...he has some mint-in-box, and others opened that he plays with...which is as it should be!!!
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    I got my first figure from a friend in 1995, it was Chewbacca, and that was when I started buying them myself
    I had actually played with the vintage stuff before since the older brother of another friend had about every single vintage fig (and he even had 3 AT-AT's) and let us play with them every time I was around and he even gave me Luke in Stormtrooper disguise (without helmet) which I still have today so basicly that was my first figure, but I really started collecting when the new figs came out
    BTW, I was born in 1986 so I didn't really have a chance to buy the vintage figs in stores
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    I was 10 years old and just about to go to my grandparents house when the early bird package came in the mail. I took it with me and spent the entire time playing and admiring the figures (though I do remember being disappointed that they weren't the same size as the popular Mego figures that I had-though, from what I've read, even the heads of the now defunct company kicked themselves for passing on Star Wars)

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    Luke Obiwan R2 And a Landspeeder

    If I remember correctly were my first toys.

    Than for Christmas I got the death Star Space Station with all the figs except for Han Solo (went out and got him shortly after).

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    I voted I started collecting in 95 - 96, because that's when I started collecting the action figures.

    I had most of the figures from the original release through ROTJ, but I was between ages 2 and 10 when I got them. I played with my toys and had a ton of fun. However, most of them ended up getting destroyed or pretty close to it. So I don't consider that collecting. All I've got left are a stormtrooper (a nice yellow color), Darth Vader (with the great orange lightsaber that you push out his arm), and the Jawa in cloth robe. All the rest are missing limbs, heads, etc.

    But starting with POTF2, all the figures are in Mint condition and part of my large display. I only play with them occasionally, and I'm much gentleer now.


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