View Poll Results: When did you first start Collecting Star Wars?

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  • In the 1970's (right after it all began)

    305 50.50%
  • In the 1980's (Empire Strikes Back / ROTJ era)

    90 14.90%
  • 1995 -1996 (at the start of the renaissance - red cards)

    149 24.67%
  • During the release of the Classic Special Editions (green cards)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Phantom Menace (2nd red card run)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Power of the Jedi (2nd green card run)

    3 0.50%
  • with Attack of the Clones (blue cards)

    1 0.17%
  • other

    10 1.66%
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    Originally posted by dr_evazan22
    . In '78 or '79 my brother and I got those 2 ft tall Shogun Wariors.

    Dude I had those too. Dang I forgot all about them. I used to shoot my SW figures with those red and white missiles that shot out of everywhere.

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    Originally posted by kidhuman
    Dude I had those too. Dang I forgot all about them. I used to shoot my SW figures with those red and white missiles that shot out of everywhere.
    I didn't get those, but Micronauts were high on my want list as well. One of my best Christmas's was after opening my BattleCruiser.

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    I voted for the 80's. . .

    I grew up on Star Wars. My brother had all the original stuff from A New Hope, so I just took the baton and ran with it. I belive my first figure was Lando Calrissian, Bespin. I know I got it at a "Child's World". My brother got someone too (Can't remember), and we played with them in the back of the station wagon the way home. Of course I didn't get every single toy back then, I did get a lot. I didn't play with anything else either, only Star Wars. I picked up figures up until they were no longer available at retail. I think my last Kenner purchase was a B-Wing Pilot for a quarter at "Toy Liquidators."

    Of course when POTF2 came out. . . I had to get everything, and I have been a 'completeist' ever since. The cool thing about being older, and having a little extra cash is being able to go back and complete my vintage collection. I absolutely love my POTF2 collection, but my memories are with the vintage stuff. I hope to one day have a complete collection of Vintage Kenner toys (Loose or boxed). . . but that's still a long way off.
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    My family was not very wealthy, so I did not get that many toys at all. We weren't poor but we weren't quite middle class either. The only SW figure I remember having when I was young was a ROTJ Endor rebel soldier. But I voted for 1995 because I had a job and could afford the many figures that I had always wished I had. I now have about 270 carded figures from 1995-now. The first POTF2 figure that I bought was Obi-Wan Kenobi with long lightsaber. I was born in 1980, so I did not have an opprotunity to buy any of the early figures.
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    I believe it was either '79 or '80, my grandmother got me the X-wing and pretty much every figure at the time to go with it. After ROTJ, I was very much into SW figures and wanted Leia as Boushh and Luke Jedi but could only find junk like Squid Head littering shelves, I remember in '85 or '86, Pic-n-Save (Big Lots now) had a huge blowout of SW product, I picked up a landspeeder and some models (A-wing and the Falcon I remember very clearly). After that, no product for 7 years except at the Star Tours ride which I loved dearly, but had a poor toy selection.

    In late '93, I remember finding the 3 Star Wars Micro Machines "SPACE" 3-packs and buying the ANH and ESB ones, that rekindled my SW toy hobby and the '95 POTF2 line (specifically Stormtrooper Han giveaway) as well as the '96 Action Fleet line (specifically Luke's X-wing and the Snowspeeder) really kicked that into overdrive.
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    My parents were kind enough to get me started before I was even old enough to remember in the 70's. Personally, my first memory of buying one is still the pride of my collection - the 1980's 14" Darth Vader with cape. Since, my collection has continued to grow (esp. since my income and "contributions" from family and friends over the years keeps rising - so much so that I created a database of all the items (well.. almost all) in my collection and built a web site around it so my family and friends could see what I have and don't have (got tired of hearing... "but I don't know what you DON'T have"... ) *whew* not bad for what started as a handful a figures to a small kid in the 70's


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    I was 10 when the first movie came out in '77 and I had to wait till the early spring of '78 before the toys started showing up in stores. When your 10 years old thats a long time to wait. These days most kids would have totally forgot about a movie after that long, much less wanted any toys from it.

    The first thing I got was the landspeeder because that was the first thing I found. The figures were still hard to come by and trips to Toys R Us were once a week on Friday nights with mom and dad. My parents got me the first set of figures and the xwing for my birthday in March 78. I was so excited.

    I still buy them today -just for my collection. I don't play anymore. I'll let my son do that. Sometimes I'm excited about new figures too. I just wish they were still under $2 each! btw- the x wing was $15 and the landspeeder was about $4 or $5.

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    Did anyone get caught doing the 5 finger discount? I did. I was at a KB in Aurora, and I was visiting my mom. I was in 8th grade, and I decided to liberate 3 or 4 figures from their packages. I never made it out of the store. A customer had seen me, and reported me to the employees. I had to go to court, and my mom had to tell my dad since my court date was on a school day. I was in fear, my dad was angry, and the whole trip home from my moms to my dads, I knew I was going to get a beating. I remember when I got home after having to empty my pockets of the figures, I had found a Tusken Raider in my sock. I threw it in the trash, because I was afraid that additional charges would be brought up against me.

    I was grounded to my room, and was able to talk my dad out of a spanking (which I deserved), and he took all my Star Wars collection away. He did lift me by the neck with his arm, kind of like Vader did to the captain in ANH. I remember the look on his face, I had let him down.

    Why do I bring this up? To all you young collectors, it is better to save and pay for your collection, than to risk having it on your record as a shoplifting. I learned my lesson the hard way.

    I have a new respect for every purchase I make, and if I can't afford it, oh well, I can pick it up later on eBay!
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