View Poll Results: When did you first start Collecting Star Wars?

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  • In the 1970's (right after it all began)

    305 50.50%
  • In the 1980's (Empire Strikes Back / ROTJ era)

    90 14.90%
  • 1995 -1996 (at the start of the renaissance - red cards)

    149 24.67%
  • During the release of the Classic Special Editions (green cards)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Phantom Menace (2nd red card run)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Power of the Jedi (2nd green card run)

    3 0.50%
  • with Attack of the Clones (blue cards)

    1 0.17%
  • other

    10 1.66%
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    I started collecting (playing with my toys) figures in the early 80's and had about 60 figures and a few vehicles and playsets. I stopped collecting Star Wars and collected G.I. Joe figures and vehicles. I got married and I sold all my old toys at a yard sale (stupid) . I didn't start collecting again until potj was about half way through. I only collect the basic figures (carded) figures and only a few rare items that aren't carded figures. Right Now i have 849 different carded figures from 12 back on up though Saga. I am a big variation fan and keep no duplicates of anything. All my figures are in star cases and I use up almost 600 sqare feet of wall space to display them.

    I love collecting Star Wars but it is hard to keep my 7, 5 and 2 year old boys out of them and explain that those are daddy's toys.

    My favorite figures are my #8 of 20 japan tour mara jade and aura sing i picked up while stationed in japan. I also am proud of my Freeze Frame Weequay, Takara rocket firing C3PO (mint in box) autographed toy fair silver vader, my army of 3 MTT Japan Pepsi Cooler Boxes and both color variations of the Marmit Boba Fett.

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    I was born in 83 so i missed out on all the original figures. My parents had rented the movies and from there i became a fan. i was able to get a few though and i will always remember going to a KB toystore and my mother buying me my lone carded figure (general madine) of the originals. She had always told me and my older brother that if she would have known we would have been star wars geeks she would have collected as many as she could have for us. When i saw them in 95 i was overjoyed and ive been collecting since then.
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    How did you play with your toys? I only had one Stormtrooper, so he was "killed" quite frequently when I played with the toys. I ended up having a some decent battles using my Star Wars, GI Joe, and 3 3/4" Fisher Price figures.

    Originally posted by SNAYSON
    I didn't lose my Luke, but his head fell off and had to be glued back on. Come to think of it, my brother and cousin broke my Hammerhead figure's leg off but my parents managed to screw the leg back on.

    My original C-3PO broke one of his arms, just above the wrist, but I ended up getting the ESB break apart version.

    Does that make my parents some of the pioneers of Star Wars customizers?

    ...and was it just me, or were the pieces to the X-Wing, Millenium Falcon, and Death Star very easy to loose? I had better luck with the TIE Fighter and Landspeeder.
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    It was the 80's for me!

    My first toys was for my 6th birthday. I got a Slave I, a Lando, and a yoda. I had never seen any of the movies, and really didn't know anything about the toys, but it was huge and I wanted to be part of it. I remember going target after school with my mom to buy them. Wow what a great memory. That was 21 years ago, but I still remember that birthday. Wow. :happy:
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    Originally posted by swoop_jockey

    I love collecting Star Wars but it is hard to keep my 7, 5 and 2 year old boys out of them and explain that those are daddy's toys.

    I have a five year old step son and he keeps asking me if he can open them. I have to tell him no all the time and that they are mine. Its hard when all they want to do is rip them open and lose all the accessories.

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    I was 5 when my father took me to Star Wars. I don't remember what was the first figure I bought was, but I know I used to save my allowance for them. I vaguely remember my mother buying the Darth Vader head carrying case when I graduated from grade school. And I remember when I bought certain figures: Greedo, Jawa, 21-B. My father once told me they would be worthless - boy was he wrong.

    I never played outside with them and kept all their accessories in zip-lock bags. To this day I have all the vintage figures (mail away as well) with all their accessories -- everything up to the line that came with the coins. I'm so glad I didn't play with them outside like all my friends did. My Liea is still as white as she was when I first got her! I just wish I kept the cards they came on.
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    Here's my story.

    I know some of you may find this hard to believe but it IS absolutely true...

    My first SW toy was a die-cast Y-wing that I got for a Christmas present in 1976. Yes, you see it right. This was well before the Original. I remember it so well because when I first saw the Y-wings I thought that they (whom ever had done the movie, I was 7 so I didn't know anything about producers/directors) ripped off the idea. Also, I was a little angry because they changed the color from RED (which is what the die-cast "stripes" were painted as) to YELLOW.

    I too had those awesome Shogun warriors, wish I still did, they rocked!

    During the early years I can remember some significant happenings, such as:

    Darth Vader's head popped off. This happened to three figures of him until the lucky 4th one survived. It was not due to excessive play but I rather think poor quality. This also happened to one of my BIG headed Han's.

    During the ESB collecting run, I can specifically remember my first custom. I had accidently cut the right hand off of a snowtrooper, so in the back yard with my back to the window I "grafted" really cut and carefully melted the plastic on the hub which was now at the elbow and attached a blaster to it. So my Snowtrooper had a blaster rifle for an arm. He was my favorite for a long time.

    I jumped for joy when my mom bought me the snowspeeder. I had come home from school one day, rather dejected because my birthday had passed and I barely got anything. My BD is Aug 28th and it was the first week of school after this. Anyway, when I came home, lo and behold on my bed was the boxed snowspeeder. My mom came in after me and I gave her one of the biggest hugs I had ever given her in my life. I think I was 11 at this time.

    During the ROTJ toy collecting, I again jumped for joy when I received the Max Rebo set. He was awesome with that big round piano thingy!

    Then came the DARK times......My gradnparents threw out everything when we (my mom and I) moved in with them. They sited that I was too old for toys. I was 13 and devastated! I remember oh so well getting up in the middle of the night with a shoebox (it's all I had at the time) and going through the trash. I found almost all of my Hoth set: Rebel soldiers, snowtroopers and such. All in all I "saved" about 20 figures. Over time these were thrown away by them as well.

    Now I have only about 6 vintage figs and they weren't my originals but rather from a toy retro store we have here in Pittsburgh.

    Okay, so now to brighter times, fast forward to 1995. I had completed my tour in the Navy during Desert Shield/Storm, and had moved back to the 'Burgh. I was now enrolled in Art School and was once again living with my grandma and mom. I was 26 (1995). I can remember going out to a mall by me and for some reason checking out the toy store. I hadn't been to one in about 7 years!

    To my amazement there all clean and bright were STAR WARS FIGURES!!!!!

    Whoo-hoo, I was immeditely hooked. I am now a near-completist/army builder and have a rather impressive collection IMHO. Many thousand of dollars have gone into it and I look forward to the next 15 years of collecting.

    Now, I just need that big house that my fiancee and I have been talking about, to hold all of my stuff.

    Hoped you liked my "brief" SW collecting history.
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    You should sue your grandparents.

    I forgot, one of the things that changed my hobby life was during that Pic-n-Save sale in '86, I got all the Micro Collection world sets. I played with that Hoth set every day for like a year, I loved that thing. My love for micro-sized toys carried over the following year with Micro Machines (a lot of which were taken away by teachers at school) and later SW Micro Machines. :happy:
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    I easily remember getting a C-3PO as my first figure in 1979. I was about five. I wanted the R2-D2 but decided, since the knee joints in the 3PO were articulated and could bend, that it was the neater figure. I wasn't thrilled to open it up and find that I was wrong. My first ship was a Landspeeder - still one of my favorite toys and Star Wars ships.

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    I wish I still had my vehicles and playsets. I lost them all in moves and just plain trashing them. I still have alot of vintage loose figures(about 85 of them) and some playset stuff. I have Jabba(but no throne) Rancor, Taun Taun, wampa(hand is chewed thanks to my dog at the time) and about 7 12". My favorite is IG-88 and Boba Fett. They are nowhere near complete but still got em.

    Me and my brother used to set up the good and bad guys on opposite ends of our room and meet somewhere in the middle and battle it out. My favorite playset was probably the Imperial Attack Base. I loved the collapsing ice bridge and bunker that blew-up. I always wanted the Ewok Village but never got it. I am gonna check E-Bay for it and try to find a good price on a complete one. I ran acroos a guy selling all his old star wars stuff but didn't have the money to purchase it. It was 100 dollars for 40 figures and about 10 vehicles and other stuff. I wish I could of got those.

    Thanks Tycho for helping me unlock these memories of yesteryear.
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