View Poll Results: When did you first start Collecting Star Wars?

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  • In the 1970's (right after it all began)

    305 50.50%
  • In the 1980's (Empire Strikes Back / ROTJ era)

    90 14.90%
  • 1995 -1996 (at the start of the renaissance - red cards)

    149 24.67%
  • During the release of the Classic Special Editions (green cards)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Phantom Menace (2nd red card run)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Power of the Jedi (2nd green card run)

    3 0.50%
  • with Attack of the Clones (blue cards)

    1 0.17%
  • other

    10 1.66%
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    Yes, it has been truely enjoyable. I just wish I had a bigger place to display my collection. But every morning I get to wake up and I'm surrounded on 4 sides by Star Wars toys, that I haven't minded for one minute spending my hard earned money on. I've also been given many things like stickers, books, pez dispersers, and an assortment of other SW memorbilia.

    My Dad has never been a fan, nor supported my collecting.
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    "In the 1970's (right after it all began)"

    It all started with that package in the mail ... the early bird set. I remember the plastic tray and those 4 figures as being pretty much the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I was big on Micronauts, Shogun Warriors, Mego Dolls and the Bionic Man also ... but this was Star Wars.

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    Right from the beginning baby!

    Don't remember what my first figure was, though 1977's Artoo has got to be my most worn out won. My earliest memory of the thrill of buying one is opening up my first (now of many) Tusken Raiders with his vinyl cape and 'perfect' posture.

    First ship I can remember is Luke's X-Wing, though my favourite were my not one, but two original AT-ATs (sadly discarded by my mother for $5 each at a garage sale in 1985 . . . I still remember the day). Also fond memories of my original four-storey Death Star, with my intact trash compactor, with creature and all foam carefully maintained (until also discarded by my mother for $5 in 1985, argh!).

    Luckily, those were the only things she got rid of (the ones 'too big' for our move from a house to an appartment), and I still have the rest today. I collected every figure from ANH, ESB and all except the last wave of ROJ (too old at 13 for Star Wars . . . or so I though then, he he).

    My toys and my hobby lay dormant, untouched in boxes for a dozen years or so, moved from closet to closet (to the chagrin of my mother! ) until that fateful day in 1995 when, much to my incredible surprise, I came across in a Toys 'R Us aisle . . . Stormtroopers!

    Yes, it's been all downhill since (for my bank account), but uphill for my rekindled youthful spirit. Though, sadly, I must say that my enthusiasm is waning somewat these days. Maybe it's a case of being spoiled, but with so much stuff (far beyond even what I as an adult am willing to spend), having lost the urge to build a collection, I'm finding myself picking up less and less just the odd really cool thing that I must have.

    In a way, I feel like it's deja vu with the mid-1980s for me. While I am eagerly waiting for the final movie, just like with my collecting at the time of ROJ as a kid, I'm really wondering whether I see my interest carrying in buying new toys extending beyond the last movie (with the initial enthusiasm for the 'coolest' stuff from that film) . . . Anyone else feel like this?

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    I started collecting in the 70s. I was eight when ANH came out.

    The toys went into storage when I went into high school in the mid-80s. By then, though, SW toys were becoming scarce and it wasn't cool to play with dolls/action figures.

    I got everything out of storage during the Renaissance and it's stayed on display since.

    I remember getting the Death Star playset and the Falcon for one Christmas, and visiting the local five and dime store and looking at the figure display. I also remember the Saturday morning ads for the figures and asking Mom to look for Han and Chewie when she went out shopping.

    Han and Chewie were the first red card figures I bought.

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    I can remember bein 4 years old and sitting i the back of a Ford LTD station wagon and watching Star Wars at a drive in with my friend Erik. That Christmas it must have been, (or at least I seem to remember) getting a certificate for my early bird set. I also remember my set coming distincly because the delivery guy brought it to the front door and not the normal back door. If I had only known then! Incidently I also remember getting my 12 inch IG88 at Christmas after ESB and in the package the right foot was broken off. I was convinced Santa didn't like me.
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    That's sad dude, Santa love you bro.
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