View Poll Results: When did you first start Collecting Star Wars?

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  • In the 1970's (right after it all began)

    305 50.50%
  • In the 1980's (Empire Strikes Back / ROTJ era)

    90 14.90%
  • 1995 -1996 (at the start of the renaissance - red cards)

    149 24.67%
  • During the release of the Classic Special Editions (green cards)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Phantom Menace (2nd red card run)

    23 3.81%
  • with The Power of the Jedi (2nd green card run)

    3 0.50%
  • with Attack of the Clones (blue cards)

    1 0.17%
  • other

    10 1.66%
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    When did you first start Collecting Star Wars?

    Tell us about when YOU first started collecting Star Wars.

    How old were you?

    What got you started? Did you get a toy first, or see one of the movies?

    Which toy(s) were your first?

    (I got carded R2, Stormtrooper, and Chewie in 1978 and played with them on the couch when I was just barely "Ages 4 & Up." - and yeah - "the stormtrooper thing" started then, though I only had 4 in my vintage collection back then ) - and the landspeeder was my first vehicle! (Yee-haw! It was makin' RoadKill Jawa time! - and getting the Tusken Raider kicked butt too!)

    So how has it gone on since then?

    Let's chat about the good old days - or even yesterday for some of you!
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