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Thread: Price Fixing

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    Hmmm, hasbro are under investigation by the office of fair trading in the UK for dictating with menaces the price per figure at retail. The worst that can happen is that the UK no longer gets supplied with toys after Hasbro throws a hissy fit. Then you in the states suffer from all us UK collectors bagging stuff online and stealing it from under your noses when we send our grannies on holiday to the states to raid every toy store from coast to coast. be afraid Rollo Tomassi, be very afraid......... :happy:

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    Man, that new Toys R Us layout sucks. They have all these small cross-sectioned shelves, there are no aisles anymore. One TRU by me, the Star Wars section isn't even in one of the new shelves, its on some waist-high island shelf in the middle of nowhere. It took me 20 minutes to find it.

    That's ok though, other than the TIE Interceptor, TRU is the last place I look for SW anymore, there waves behind, and all the employees buy them up before they even hit the shelves.
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    JediCole, I do live in the states.

    My point is, Hasbro feeds us this line of dookie about how switching the CommTech chips for Force File will reduce pricing. Then, we get all mad at retailers for NOT dropping the price of new SW figs!

    The ONLY store I found that came CLOSE to the $5.99 MSRP was Wal-Mart! Which is where I usually buy my new figures.

    As for TRU?!?! Well, NEW product is usually a bit higher than say Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target. However, if you look at the pricing for CLEARANCE figures, they just can't be beat! Even KB's clearance is like $4.00 vs TRU $2.00!?!?

    So I usually buy my older stuff on clearance at TRU. I found my Swimming Jar-Jar, TC-14, R2-B1, Battle Damaged Destroyer Droid, and of course the "Soft Goods" wave all for $1.97 EACH!!!

    My point is, as long as the consumer isn't hurt, I have no problems with it! But when Hasbro strong arms companies to raise their prices.....I have a problem!

    Will I stop collecting...NO WAY! I am addicted to SW! But sometimes I just need to vent.
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