With the upcoming release of Jango Fett, Hasbro has the unique opportunity to redeem their past mistakes with Boba Fett!!!!!

IMO, Boba Fett has been plagued since Kenner's BLUNDER with the rocket firing Fett back in '79!!!

The POTF Fett was on par with the stuff released in '95! But he still lacked a rocket firing back-pack!

The POTJ (AKA 300th Fett) had great detail, a removable gun AND a rocket firing back-pack!

However, given Hasbro's technological capabilities at the time of his release, he was SERIOUSLY lacking! Take off the back-pack and...what the ??? Half his back is MISSING? And the LIMITED POSE makes this guy a McFarlane type STATUE! All of that is fine if you are a MIMB collector, but then why give us a rocket firing back-pack?

Hey, swing his forearms out and put him on a little runway, you can play that song....I am a model you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk!

"Next up, is a new look for the old Mandalorian Armor. Completly redesigned by Boba."

Anyway, here's what I propose. First of all, Jango Fett should have a great sculpt, at least on par with the 300th Fett! Secondly he should have 2 removable guns...THAT'S 2, yes 2, I said 2 removable guns! Next, he should have a removable back-pack that dosen't leave a HUGE chunk missing from his back when you take it off. And the back-pack should have a firing missile...preferably NOT one that is as tall as he is!!!

The biggest improvement should be ARTICULATION!!! Most collectors have HAD IT with your stupid "Scene specific" STATUES! These are toys, so they should have some PLAYABILITY to them!

So please, Hasbro, please don't mess it up! Oh, wait, did I say "Hasbro" oops, too late!