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    Anakin (secret ceremony)

    Is the Anakin (secret ceremony) figure, the only figure with the robotic hand released or due to be released?
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    For the moment, yes.
    On the subject of this figure, if you look very, very closely at the recently released Loose Front picture of him on Rebelscum....look closely at his right shoulder. Do I detect a ball-joint?

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    actually if you look at the pics at the "forbidden site", you can clearly see that both shoulders are ball-jointed
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    If it is then Hasbro has finally taken a step forward in the world of 'action' figures as opposed to the world of modeled toys. I hate the unmanueverable features of the Episode 2 toys released last year.

    Blech! I could barely fit Jango Fett into the Slave. He has to sit sideways cause he's 'supposed' to be bending his leg.

    I want 'action' firgues man.
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    I think it will be interesting to see how toys this small hold up to ball joints. I predict a few ticked-off, over-zealous manipulators out there.
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    It's not like this is the first figure ever with ball joints. The Commtech StormTrooper and Chewbacca: Cloud City are well known examples of previous figures with ball joints. And those hold up really well to play.

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    Since he's supposed to be "super" articulated, I kinda expected him to be ball jointed.

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    Is this true? If both arms are ball-jointed then we're in heaven.
    Looking at the pictures of him I see neck, hips, shoulders (ball-jointed), waist, ankles, and elbow twists as articulation. Do/will his wrists rotate, so he can "double-handle" his saber? Then he'd be perfect!

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    Im looking forward to this one, let's hope that this is the way forward, Greyfolk i didn't know it was difficult getting Jango into his ship I have opened him and in the prosess of getting Slave one.....Bugger,

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    Depends which Jango you're trying to fit into the Slave 1.
    The Kamino Escape version fit OK into mine, till I replaced it with the pilot Jango.

    VERY much looking forward to this Anakin, though!
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