Darkened Skye

Do Skittles and videogames mix? This latest GameCube title dares to ask such questions.

The Facts:

Play as heroine Skye as she realizes her destiny to collect magical Skittles
Do not eat the Skittles; instead, use them to save the world
Fight through five different worlds, each with multiple areas
Real-time action mixed with fantasy adventure elements
Wield powerful magic
Solve ancient mysteries
Save the world
Requires six Memory Card blocks
For one player only

As the game's instruction manual is prone to remind you, all good adventure games require a few basic elements: a hero longing to find her place in the world, a gratuitous source of evil to provide the conflict, and a bag of Skittles. Darkened Skye has them all.
In her homeland of Lynlora, gamers play as Skye: a simple girl whose fate will soon be intertwined with the sugary treats. In Skye's world, a "Great Rainbow" once adorned the heavens -- think back to your favorite "Taste the Rainbow" television commercials of the '90s, and this will make perfect sense. The Rainbow once bore artifacts known by the commoners as "Skittles," but has since been stolen by the gratuitously evil Lord Necroth. You'll never really learn why exactly these Skittles are so important to your world, nor why Necroth feels the need to steal them, but it is not Skye's place to question her calling. Once she accidentally stumbles upon the first orange Skittle, she's compelled to save the world by collecting the rest of the flavors and other related mystical artifacts in her quest to restore the Rainbow.