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    How 'bout some licensed SW paintball guns?

    For any of you fellow paintballers out there - how cool do you think it'd be to have some quality licensed Star Wars paintball guns?
    Imagine taking to the fields with a Stormtrooper blaster, or a Clone Trooper rifle, or even a Battle Droid blaster! I don't get to play very often, but I would love to see these!

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    does it hurt to get shot with one of those guns? my brothers and i would of loved to of had those when we were younger.

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    Ive never thought about having a gun persay, but have thought about wearing trooper armor out on the field... ( if only I had the armor ) That would be cool.. I doubt most paintballers would know what the gun would be from anyhow...

    check out my new Angel.. I got a tippman.... oh yeah, well I got a BLASTER!!

    as for hurting.. nah.. depends on your pain tolerance, and if they guns are shooting hot... have someone smack you in the back of the head.. the suprise hurts the most right? and it only lasts for a second..
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Salsa Shark.. I think were gonna need a bigger boat..[/FONT]

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    It stings just a bit - sort of like getting flicked really hard by someone's finger. The first time you play you'll be really scared of getting shot...until it happens and the adrenaline kicks in. Then you'll be hooked.
    By the way, as licensed items I'm sure it'd be one of the larger companies that'd be the one to step up and pay for the licensing fees - it'd be more like "Check out my Angel Blaster", or "Check out my Tippman Blaster".
    Also, I know plenty of paintballers who are also Star Wars fans.


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