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    Question Marvel Legends question

    Ok, can someone clear this up for me.

    I have been looking for the Spider-Man and the Venom from the series that people are talking about, but can't find any info on them. Is there another name. Is there another line tha is done in the same scale and stuff. Can anyone post a list of these figures and all of the waves from the Legends line?

    This is what i came up with:

    Series 1:
    Captain America
    Iron Man (Blue)
    Iron Man

    Series 2:
    The Thing
    Dr. Doom
    Human Torch
    The Thing (Trench Coat)
    Dr. Doom (Doom Bot)

    Series 3:
    Daredevil (movie)
    Ghost Rider
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    All spiderman figures are done in the "Spiderman Classics" line. It was the line that spawned marvel legends. That's where figures like the alien costume spidey, the hobgoblin, Rhino, and Venom came from....

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    Ok cool. ANy idea what series 4 is going to be.
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    Umm...not sure...however...I do know that a Kraven, and a new comic style daredevil (the reports being that it blows the previous incarnation away) are coming soon....

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    Series 4:

    Goliath with Antman and Wasp

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    I think Evenflow has Marvel Legends and Marvel Classics confused.
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    Thats just it, i was trying to figure out who is in which series. I never bought any of them and now wish that i did becasue they were really cool. So now i am trying to get everything straight so perhaps i can go back and pick some up.
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    The Spider Man Classics line were the first figures packed with a comic (from Toy Biz). From this line, you should look for Daredevil (esp the yellow one $$$$), Spidey super poseable (black and red costumes exist of this figure, as well as a Ben Reilly Clone from KB in the states), and the Rhino. The line then changed into red carded "Spider Man", which only started last year, from which I'd recommend the second poseable spidey, Doc Ock and the Lizard from the first wave, and Hobgoblin from the second wave. They look to be releasing many versions of Spidey that don't tickle my fancy. The villains from this line are of Marvel Legends quality, especially the Hobgoblin. Good God, he's wicked.

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    Spider-Man Classics series 1 was Red&Blue Spidey, Black Spidey, Man- Spider, and an atrocious Venom.
    Series II was Classic Spidey (Red & black Ditko-esque costume), Daredevil, Rhino, and battle ravaged Spider-Man (from the McFarlane "Torment" storyline in Adjectiveless Spider-Man #1-5)
    KB had a Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) and Spider-Man 2099 exclusive.

    Now it seems there are 30 something variants of Spider-Man and only one Hobgoblin to a case. The quickest way to kill the line if you ask me.
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    Well...Marvel Legends 4 is listed above...and directly below this thread is a list of what is coming from ML 5.........

    I do't know the spidey line as well, as I don't want 4 different spideys and 1 other figure, which is what they've been doing. Apparently a better daredevil is coming ( I think we'll see it at toy fair) and also a Kraven. I would Imagine a Green Goblin is all but inevitable for the spidey line as well...


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