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    Toy Fair Sneak Peek!

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    I thought they weren't doing toyfair this year?

    Check out what is in there though............Clone trooper figures from the new line, and another cloaked anakin for the Clone line.......

    Sweet stuff.......

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    Whoa... new packaging... check out that yoda!!

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    That unleashed luke is laughable....what were they thinking?

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    What the heck have they done to poor Yoda? Nice Rambo look. He's just missing a bandana.
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    holy cow!
    loving the kneeling cloney, and the laying down snipering one.
    the unleashed luke is a nightmare though, hopefully they'll change it up a bit before it gets released.
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    I actually really like the unleashed Luke a lot, I'll probably get him
    the clones set is nice too, as is the droids one, althouhg I don't think that I'll still need that one once it's released
    the gunship looks horrible IMO with the new paintjob, as does the starfighter, but the Hailfire droid, geonosian fighter and re-release AAT look nice
    BTW, it says the Anakin and Clone on card aren't going to be released again, they just used them to show the new package, which looks very cool IMO
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    - Tupac Shakur, RIP

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    Damn, that CloneTrooper 3-Pack is amazing. A yellow CloneTrooper Commander, A basic CloneTrooper that can kneel, and a Sniper CloneTrooper. Damn, those are awesome as hell. And the Droid Army 3-Pack is great. A Super Battle Droid, Red Battle Droid, and a Destroyer Droid with the proper head and no missle arms.

    The Aqua/Blue Jedi Starfighter looks sweet as hell. And it mentions the blue one from the deleted scenes. I guess that solves the mystery of if it was blue, or a trick of the light. Sweet looking ship. Definatly buying one of those.

    The Geonosian Fighter and HailFire Droid look great all painted up. Can't wait to buy those. The new Republic Gunship doesn't look all that different, but not bad. Same with the Tank. Probably will pass on the tank, unless it catches my eye.

    Yoda looks cool in his EU outfit. I love the vest and bandolier. Great looking Yoda. I hope the Mace Windu is as good. Since we need a decent Mace from E2 or after. Can't wait. Bring on the Clone Wars!

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    Those Clonetroopers are awesome, I love the Clone Commander and the kneeling Clone.
    The Anakin figure on the card at the back looks like Anakin Skywalker - Secret Ceremony, but the card is a Red Clonetrooper? I wonder why?
    The Yoda looks really cool, he's different to how I expected, I wonder if he'll look like that in Episode III?

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    Luke Unleashed rocks! This one rivals Anakin as the best one!

    I think the Clone Troopers are highly articulated, so you can pose any of them sniping, fighting, and hopefully marching!

    I think I heard they are the red Clone Captains, repainted white or with yellow command stripes!

    Yoda looks cool. I wonder if he'll wear stuff like that in E3?

    What's up with Anakin's Jedi Starfighter? (not shown in the pics). Will his ship be something new seen in Episode 3? I'm sure Hasbro can get a hold of some pre-production pictures by now. They start shooting Episode 3 in three months or something. I bet they already know what the new ships are going to look like for the next movie!

    I want the Hailfire Droid and 5 Geonosian fighters right now!

    The Tank is a good toy. I don't need another one, but I'm glad to see that people who don't have it, can still get a hold of it. I hope it still fires 4 missles. That's a fun feature for me

    I love Lando 12" - but see the 12" forum for my comments about that.

    But my favorite thing I saw was the Luke Skywalker Unleashed! Return of the Jedi rocks indeed!
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